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    Where I live anyways, the attitude amongst young woman doing meanial jobs is really bad. Have you ever gone through a Mcdonalds drive through and (not having any intention to pick up anyone. Who does that in a drivethrough anyways?) the girl is snotty and mean and doesn't make eye contact. I always approach people on a daily basis being friendly. But I've noticed, especially teenage girls, just seem nasty. And I just want to say "don't flatter yourself, I'm hear for the burger". Well, I just got back from picking up a quick beer and pretzels at the local grocery store and there was a teenage girl. I smiled (no intent, mind you, just getting food and being friendly) and said "hello". She offered no "Hi" back. Then she snapped "ID". She didn't say "Can I please see your ID". No no. Without eye contact she sneered and just said "ID". I think location has alot to do with attitude. I was in LA for a few years and I found woman/girls like this tended to be friendlier when they weren't in clubs. I mean, let's face it, it's their job to be friendly, and it's not a pick up bar where they need defenses. What gives? Any other stories of rude employees and how they were dealt with? I'd love to hear them.
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    The purpose of this Forum is to help guys meet and attract women.

    The purpose of this subforum is how to meet and attract strippers and hired guns.

    It is not a gripe Forum.

    Also, your post was practically impenetrable. In the future, please include paragraphs of some kind so that readers don't have to read such a long block of text.

    If you meant to post a general rant, you can do that in Off Topic.

    But first, read the Forum FAQ (highlighted in yellow in the main nav bar) and post an introduction in the Introductions forum.

    As to the content of your post, mistreating women is not good for you, for them, or for anyone watching you do it. In the future, act like a gentleman. Being a hired gun ain't easy. Don't make it worse for them.

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