How hard should I try to make her reject me?
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  1. How hard should I try to make her reject me?

    Im set up for a 10 Day Make Her Chase You Bootcamp from a guy named tyran, I forgot where I signed up for it, but it has this little section here, "I'm going to explain more tomorrow, but today I have another mission for you:

    "Get rejected. I want you to go talk to a girl - ANY GIRL - and get her to reject you. This isn't some trick where I'm really hoping that she falls in love and you get married. Just get rejected. Start by smiling and saying hi, and then say whatever you want that you think will get her to reject you. Have fun and be creative!

    I know a lot of you might be thinking that this is stupid and is the OPPOSITE of what you want to be doing, but trust me! Remember that I went from being worse with women than you are to being one of the most famous pickup artists in the world.

    I'll explain more tomorrow. Until then, take care! Talk to you soon, Tyran"

    I was wondering what you guys thought was too hard of a rejection. I went out the other day at my first chance, unfortunutly that was 9 Pm at a local walbaums, and I just couldnt muster up the courage to walk up to some girl and say " Hey, your fat". Im thinking now maybe I should have tried to open and then negged? What do you guys think, whats the proper level of rejection I should be looking for? Whats too harsh?

    PS- kinda funny getting advice on how to get rejected on a pickup forum :P.

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    this is useless to those on this board. If you want her to reject you just walk up to any HB 8 and over and tell her your name and that you want to go out on a date with her and do it in a manner that seems needy.

    I'm locking this thread


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