Fader 1 on 1 - NYC, Nov 2007
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    Fader 1 on 1 - NYC, Nov 2007

    Hey guys.
    I just wanted to finally post a review for my new buddy FADER.
    My brother and I signed up for a one-on-one on 11/2 and 11/3 with him. Being very tentative, this was definitely a big step but it was well worth it to basically "put a lot of theory to the test".
    What can I say about Fader, the kid's a MACHINE! We met at Starbucks and went through a lot of inner game issues and he took a lot of time to answer all our questions regarding approach anxiety, material, structure, etc.
    Things seemed to go well during our informal "class" before we went out around Union Square and a few other places in NYC. The guy is very cool, down to earth, and knows his stuff (talks like he's got a bunch of hot peppers up his butt at times = lightspeed, but God bless him...).
    The sarging at the bars went well. He coached us in a manner that was very "hands on" and he stood by our side the whole time making critiques and little corrections. He would point, and either my brother or I would open the set.
    The first night was a learning process where we struggled with some of the material still being so fresh (opening, transitioning, and basically coming up with stuff to say so we don't stand there looking like we're holding our dicks in our hands). We struggled at first and even got blown out on a couple of sets (those cuntish NYC bitches man...but that's how we learn of course).
    No number closes the first day but we both opened about 7-8 sets each without much approach anxiety (a lot had to do with Fader's frame of mind of just going up to these lame bitches like we were Alpha males ready to "piss on them" as he so eloquently put them). At the end of the night we got a slice of pizza and talked about some more game issues.
    The next day we met up with him again and we came with some questions he asked us to write on a notebook (I wrote a lot of stuff about hired guns, because I want to fuck strippers of course...why the hell do you even have to ask?, while my brother's approach was more subtle). We talked a lot about frame control, hoop theory, push-pull and basically came up with our own customized routine to use that night (we did the same opener, transition and attraction so that we could calibrate and find out what the variables were other than our delivery). It went much better this time around. I hooked this one set and talked to them for about 10 minutes before my brother stepped in to wing, and eventually Fader came in to block the "obstacle". We number closed (turned out to be fake #s, so we still have quite a bit of work left during attraction and qualification). The other sets were hooking better than the previous night (mostly because we were familiarizing with the "routine" we made up). We talked quite a bit later in the evening outside one of those bars on 2nd avenue and believe it or not we even gave Fader some good banter lines and a couple of very memorable quotes (come on...don't make it "awckward" now Leon...and "practice makes permanent"). It was really cool and my brother and I made a genuine friend out of him. Plus I got to grope this one girl there by just imposing my frame on her and "telling" her to show me her ass (that's right...cause I'm Alpha bitches!).
    The only thing I wish he could have done better was to maybe bring a "cheat sheet" or some sort and pass it out to us, highlighting the main areas he was going to concentrate on. Other than that it was a very worthwhile experience and we will DEFINITELY hang out and see him again (hopefully as equals sometime down the line, but there's still a lot of work to do until then).
    Props to Fader from Mike and David, the fighting brothers!

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    Wow! What a great review. Thank you so much! There a few other highlights... David going up to the hottest girls in the bar after they blew out one guy in front of us in 10 seconds and had some creepy 40 year old lurking over them with his hands in his pockets and his coat on and hanging in the set for over 5 minutes. Mad alpha. David never leaves sets... fearless. I wish more students did that.

    Mike chilling outside with me and almost closing that hot girl from Toronto. That girl was smoking. If we didn't have to bounce he would have got that girl. Mike is super playful and once he puts it all together he is going to go so far. Also the 24 hour mark that was like a game of clue. 24 hours ago it was a blow out in xyz bar by the short asian 2 set. 24 hours later first sets were hooking and mad attraction was happening. I was really happy. You guys were both awesome and very cool to work with. I feel very lucky to make such great friends.

    As for a cheatsheat that is a really good idea and I am going to put one together. If you want a copy of the notes I used I can email them. I set you guys up with ftp access to my server so feel free to take whatever you want off there (David I will email your account and your lounge info to your brother tonight).

    I have a bootcamp next weekend but weekend after that lets go out. Thanks for the reviews guys you guys are both going to be so good I can not wait. Remember when you fucking models and strippers to throw me a couple
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