How to deal with Shit Test
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    How to deal with Shit Test

    Hey fellow PUA's,

    I'm creating this thread in an effort to help others spot the "Shit Test" and get advice on overcoming them.

    Step 1. What is a "Shit Test"?
    A Shit Test as I understand it is when you're attempting to game and she tries to make you jump through hoops like a poodle in the circus. She does this as a way to quickly find out if a man is (in her eyes) worthy of her time. (feel free to expand on this fellas)

    Shit Test Example: You open, she is direct saying something rude like, "Go away", or often the ST is non-verbal, like the cold shoulder. The ST is often delivered through one of her friends (the group's pussy protector).

    Step 2. Learn to identify when you're being given a shit test.
    When she ask you to do something, it's often because she wants to see if your a leader, or a follower. She wants to be lead, if you decide that you're going to grant her request, just make sure it's on YOUR terms. What is it she is going to do for you first? Now she's jumping through your hoops. Keep it playful and flirty. Don't confront her, or call her out on it! Passing a Shit Test is like body language, it should be under the radar.

    Step 3. Handle the Shit Test.
    If you don't pass, move on. Your not likely going to reconcile the situation unless your very skilled. Besides, do you really want to waist your energy? Doing so would be failing another shit test by jumping through your own hoop of trying to fix things. Be fearless, women can sense fear. Don't fidget nervously and start qualifying yourself. Don't take it personally, she's not really a bitch, she just wants a guy who can handle himself. Don't be a dick to her directly, get her to qualify herself. Get her friends on your side, and she'll need to qualify herself not only to you, but to her friends too. Ignoring her can work on some ladies, just start talking to one of her friends as if she wasn't there. Using humor can work well, especially if you can make her friends laugh.

    Happy Sarging,
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    All the answers you seek can be found on this forum (DAFS for shit tests), and get a copy of Magic Bullets.

    Good Luck

    -cheez avenger
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