Structure of Mystery Method for 1 girl-set ??
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  1. Structure of Mystery Method for 1 girl-set ??

    I have read that If you are gaming a girl which is for example standing alone in the club you don't need to neg her and can compliment her and also you can use direct approach. So here are my questions:

    1) What is the exact structure for such situation? (before building Comfort)
    2) Would you use direct or indirect approach?
    3) How to change mystery method in order to get an intelligent girlfriend ?

    Thanks for advice

  2. For a one set, mixing Mystery and Juggler works best. After A1, I mix A2, A3 and making her work. In other words, immdiately after the tease/neg at the end of the opener, I go into C vs. U and offcourse she always has the right kind smile. BUT you need a take away as soon as you say she has a good smile, I often use "But don't get any ideas, I am just an engineer/guy who loves pyschology" She will giggle, and then I go into "what did you wanna be when you 3...don't say princess" she giggles and says something, and I DHV with preselection story. Then I make her work more than the first time "what's the most recent exciting place that you visisted.......she says Paris or whatever" and then I give her the vacuum (credit to juggler)..tell me about it (expect the answer right here, body language etc" when she is done, I will DHV with a game (5 question ---used to use ESP, that shit never works), and then I DHV with another story (protector of loved ones) this is followed by another qualifier, "what makes unique in a room full of gilrs just like you...." The DHV (leader of man). I essentially use the DHVs as some kind of reward.
    From there, you are into comfort, and its the same.

    If you DHV for too long (like tell three stories in a row) while the girl does nothing, you will lose her.

  3. Final note on "intelligent girls" I wouldn't worry about it...just use your material and she will be yours. I am a grad student at MIT, and I sarged a Harvard grad student. It worked with the method, I had tried to get smart chicks before and always failed. Bottom line Mystery Method WORKS with intelligent girls


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