Best Example of Conversation skills
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    Best Example of Conversation skills

    Three different times during a conversation. Conversation skills are a must. Openers are nice and you can spit one out, but to keep it going is another game entirely. Here's what i could remember from this weekend with one girl she was a beauty pageant winner = intelligent hb8 or borderline 9. Setting is a party and we are on a couch not her couch, but a couch. Complete coincedence.
    Me: you'll have to forgive me when i fall asleep on your couch
    Her: ha woah... already picturing yourself on my couch?
    Me: I can read minds and from what i can tell you want to make me dinner and let me sleep on the couch
    Her: i only cook for really cool people..
    ME: aww thats too bad i guess you won't get to eat then
    Her: haha no no
    Her: someone will slap you one day and im just gonna laugh
    Me: thats the last time i agree to letting you make me dinner
    Her: haha awww... your loss
    Me: oh no i think its your's
    Her: my house is open to anyone lol
    Me: oh thats cold i thought what we had was special
    Her: (Busts out laughing)
    Me: you're lucky im so nice or else this relationship would be over
    Her: lol dont get so can come by my house anytime
    Me: what is this already picturing me in your house. woah now.
    Her: no you are the one who wants to come over, obviously.... If you want to come just let me know.
    Me: haha maybe ill have to see
    That's how i carry it out. LOL leave you imagination to fill in the rest.

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    I LOVE it! It's a great example of how to misinterperate everything she says yet keep it all very much sexually oriented.You got skills. I can never remember to stay witty and I get caught off guard.

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    Dcrescendo Guest

    Haha, nice. I get similar results when I try arguing with them over completely dumb stuff.
    Me:Why do you always argue with people, are you TRYING to cause trouble?
    HB:I don't argue with people
    Me:Yes you do
    HB: No, I don't
    Me: You're doing it right now!
    HB: *bursts out laughing*
    Never fails...
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