College Party Lot of fun

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    College Party Lot of fun

    I was at this party last night, and while certain things didn't go perfect, i learned a lot and had a great time.
    I got to the party with my guy buddy and my other friend (a girl but not FB). It was a costume party and I had a pretty sweet hippy costume going. I got something to drink and I approached a 4-set with one guy and 3 girls. I complimented the guy on his spider man costume and then used the situational player opener, where i said woah 1 guy and 3 girls. Then i said it must be the spider man fact and then i pretty much flowed with it through there. THere was a hb8.5 and a hb8 and a hb6 (okay). I was interested in hb8.5 but i learned it was the guys girlfriend and the hb8 was cute and she was showing interest in me. We fluffed, I heard she was going to be a lawyer so I said mabye we could be together and if we got married she would make all the money so I could stay at home and watch tv. Also, she had gotten into a fight with someone earlier because a girl's fiancee was hitting on her so i teased her about that a lot. Then I prized her big time, got her to go to the keg and get me a drink once and then did it again saying I would give her a kiss if she did it. However, then she came back with only half a cup so i only gave her a kiss on the cheek. I was doing great but then i was hearing hints from her friends that they were going to have to go soon. I should of gone for a # close or a kiss close or something but then her friends were leaving so she just ran to catch them and I didn't want to chase her so I didn't.

    Despite the failure I had a great time. My costume and my pre-selection and general alpha characteristics were doing me really well. One girl (probably drunk) slapped my ass walking by. I never saw her again but it was still fun. I approached people guys and girls like a mad man. Even on the bus ride home, I just had so much energy that girls were opening me and vice versa like crazy and I was getting IOIs and stuff though i didn't have time to act on them or necessarily cared to. This night was really uplifting cause since i've been in college i've struggled a lot in the party environment mainly relying on day game. As my first somewhat sucessful night sarge, i have to say things move a lot faster in night game, and its a lot of fun.

    Couple random questions and final evaltuations if you care to comment on
    1. I think i should of just later used mystery's kiss close technique and i should of gone for a further isolation. What could i have done better here?
    2. I need a good opener for opening dancing sets (un-grindable sets). I've been trying to open by saying you guys aren't getting into it or aren't that great and i pretty much always get rejected.

    Thanks guys

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    ebolavac Guest

    Well, you should have made her friends wait long enough for her to give you her number. It only takes a minute to do that. All it would have take was a "Wait, before you go! Give me your number so we can get together again."

    Or you should have somehow finagled them to take you with them. Then you could have piled in the car and copped a cheapie. I'm sure the guy with the 8.5 would have appreciated a wingman to keep the other 2 from fucking up his evening. Handling 3 women at once is a handful for anybody.

    But whatever. You had fun and that's the main thing. There's plenty more where she came from. But costume parties are incredibly easy places to score and the costumes the girls wear makes it easy to imagine what they look like naked. A major advantage.

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    Yeah costume parties do make things easier. I was wearing these really tight pants in my hippie costume with flowers and stuff on them, but being really confident about it and stuff. I need to figure out a way to apply the costume party stuff i had going to be into a peacocking strategy. I think that could really help my game.


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