need help on How to keep the booty call and avoid relationship
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  1. need help on How to keep the booty call and avoid relationship

    this girl i been talking to this week ive been fucking pretty much every day and now it seems shes starting to get hooked hard. she first told me when we first hooked up that she wasnt looking for a hook up buddy and all i said was i understand. i dont want to go out with the girl but i want to keep the booty call...

    i was wondering some advice before she actually brought something up because its got to be close.

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    Honesty is the best policy.

    It keeps the decks clear.

    If she's not interested in that. she's not. If she is, she is. The only way to find out is to clarify how you operate.
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    Cut down on the daily sex with her, put some distance between you and her. She's getting to know you better. A booty call should be someone you see 1-2 times a week, if that because you should have 3 or 4 other booty calls going on. The flip side of this is that she's going to be seeing other guys but that's how it goes.

    If she established from the beginning she wasn't looking for a hookup buddy and that's what's happened, distance but don't cut her off completely, otherwise you'll wreck her self esteem. You need to leave her with a good feeling that you had fun, she saw it for what it is, it didn't come off like you manipulated her, and gave her a feeling of empowerment in that there's nothing wrong with options.

    But if you know for sure that this isn't someone that you see in your life for something more than sex, then you need to not set your focus on her and do something else over the weekend.

    You have her thinking you want something more with your actions.

  4. i ended up finding a way for this... i ignored her for a week or so and i saw on her myspace she had another dude up and she started showing disentrest in me so imed her askin her whats goin on with the dude and shit and she coverd it up saying its a friend... i told her i dont care either way im still going to do what i do because i act on my feelings not on my thinking and told her in the past i was interested in her and still was... she said she went from liking me to being intrested in me agreeing with what i said...

    ive been sick as hell latly and last night after this convo happend she comes knocking on my door and jumps on me tells me that shes horny and takes my pants off and gets on top and fucked... no kissing involved

    i killed the relationship and its strictly fuck buddy now... couldent be any happier


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