What Are You Wearing Today?

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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    I think it's time this forum gets is own WAYWT thread.


    No flaming. Any personal attacks are strictly prohibited. Constructive criticism is encouraged, but meaningless attacks are not allowed.

    Please use your own photos. Don't post stuff from other websites that you are wearing

    In general, if you are unsure whether a comment would be considered inflammatory or not, do NOT post it.

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    great thread
    this becomes a stiky thread on November 1st

    today i went simple

    darker wash levi's jeans
    plain black t shirt
    Black DC character shoes
    Black hat, but now im rocking a camo hat
    All Black Nixon watch

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    Today i went out on a date and i wore a green collared shirt with grey khakis and white sneakers. I also wore a beaded necklace. Not my best but I think i pulled it off. Was too lazy to dress up. lol

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    Black straight cut jeans
    Black vest
    Electric blue shirt top, 2 buttons undone, sleeve rolled above elbows
    spiked blonde hair
    red dogtags
    sliver pinky ring
    tan roll top timberlands

  5. Gstar Raw design hoody ( Nice and heavy ;D )
    Diesel T-shirt ( Dark Green with Gold glitter design )
    Old school Evisu jeans ( Dark blue light fading at the knees with white stripes on the pockets )
    All black Converse

    Turn ups on the jeans ofc. *Edit*
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    "get-err-done!" pajamas and a wifebeater.

    gotta love working from home.

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    Raw denim H&M jeans
    Green, reasonably tight sweater
    Black loafers
    Black blazer

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    Lucky Boot-Cut slim-fit Jeans
    Brooks Brothers Oxford Blue & White striped shirt
    Polo Red Striped Rie
    Grey Vest (part of an $18 3-piece suit purchase)
    Brown Kenneth Cole boots

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    Black tank top
    white button up short sleeve, unbuttoned
    white shorts with black plaid pattern
    black belt
    black flip flops
    ray bans aviators black fade silver frame
    black and silver barbed wire ring

  10. Light indigo jeans with fading back/front
    White tee
    Light gray halfzip hoodie
    And puma Ducati shoes.


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