The Boyfriend Dilemma
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  1. The Boyfriend Dilemma

    Ok hi Guys, im basically a newbie to the family of pickup artists. Having recently been introduced to The Mystery Method I was anxious. Well I am and was all around anxious. My past three years at University have been rather seculded, However after discovering the Mystery Method I Feel like I have been given permission to be Set free. I can't really explain it, but i feel like all you guys have inspired me to discard all the excuses I used to remain an AFC wallfly. Tonight I felt so ficking anxoius about going out, I had to Listen to some pumpup talk from Mystery in Sandiego, when he's talking about jumping in pools. We'll that guy is fucking right, I was so anxious at first, But as soon as I opened I had the fucking time of my life...Well anyway down to the nittygritty of my post.

    Basically Tonight, one of my first few nights of putting TMM to the test, I was outstanded. I met this awsome girl on a University social, followed TMM pricincipals and even Negged her up a bit. I may seem like a total noob but the Neg that I improvised was, well people asked her to give a speech, so she was probably feeling quite important, but she also looked quite embarssed, well anyway after she spoke some bullshit, she got off her podium, and i said. "Well I'm quite surprised, I didnt know people could look likie Beetroots". Well it seemed to do the job. What I also started to do, well I got this Vibe between her and a guy in the set that I was talking to. Well it turns out that HE was her boyfriend, well so I improvised, taking TMM ideas onboard, I though hey whenever she starts talking to this guy, why dont I steal him away from her and destroy/Interrupt her conversation with him. Well in doing this I actually got to know the guy pretty well, and he seems like a nice Bloke. Well anyway this seemed to work amazingly on the girl, and when we got to a club afterwards she was like dancing in my Groin and giving me mental amounts of IOIs. I played it cool and tried it on with other the other girls in her social circle right infront of her.well not really tried it on, but bvasically disqualified her a little. But I couldn't help thinking about her BF I mean does the saying go, " Bro's before Ho's" for a reason. Cause we are in the same climbing club and it seems like we'll get on famously. Or me and her had some awsome chemistry and she's totally hot, WAY too hot for her AFC boyfiend, should I make the move because me and her could have some awsome times.?????? But them aga she could be like ooooo.... fuck off I have a boyfriend, this is just.......Akward.

    Have any of you guys been in similar situations? and could give me some advice?

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    Long term who is more likely to be more fun?

    The bf who is "in the same climbing club" ?
    Or the hot girl?

    I'd befriend the guy, if he's cool why wreck his relationship so you can sleep with this 1 girl? Befriend the guy and he'l be a great wingman cause he's got a gf and likely to help you pull chicks.

  3. I agree. You wouldn't want him to do it to you. I'm very anti GF stealing. To me it's a dick move. Why ruin someone's else's chance at being happy? I mean shit, people fuck up relationships on their own enough. They don't need your help.

    Befriend the guy.

    Not only that, The Same Climbing Club??? If you did steal his girl, I wouldn't ever go climbing again with him.


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