Des Moines - Liars Club VIP/Birthday Bash - 10/11/2007
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    Des Moines - Liars Club VIP/Birthday Bash - 10/11/2007

    Hey guys. Tomorrow night at the liars club is some VIP/birthday bash thing. Should be a good night. Thats a good place to sarge.

    I just recently joined the site, fairly new to the art of pickup. However I have been putting a lot of practice into it and seeing results. I would like to get a group of us together to sarge Liars tomorrow, wing each other and just have some fun.

    Looking for well self motivated PUA's, and plan on peacocking! heh...

    Let me know who would be interested, as well as just starting a group (or joining with an existing one) to sarge with and learn from/exchange ideas and theories.

  2. Desmoines looking for puas

    Hey bro im in desmoines looking to apply what iv read and looking to become a pua myself down town would be one of the best spots


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