How do I see her again without sounding needy?
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    How do I see her again without sounding needy?

    I am reposting this here because I think that I need some help with seduction. I kinda like this girl and want to see her is the field report from the night I met her so you can get an idea of how I got to where I am now...

    I am a collage student and college parties are some of my favorite places to sarge (the bars here are too loud and populated to sarge at). I was at a party this past Saturday (Catholic Schoolgirl Party )and met this girl when I first got there (at least an 8, maybe a 9...and dressed in the sexiest schoolgirl outfit I had ever seen). I was dressed as a Catholic Priest, which I would find was the best peacocking I think I have ever done. In true PUA fashion (though I do not claim to be one yet) I did not introduce myself but opened with an opener/neg then turned my attention to her friends. I didn't want to look needy so I said that I would return later and went back with the group that I had came with. I opened other sets and actually made out with two other girls. They were drinking so it wasn't that hard, but making out is making out!

    Later I found her and her friends taking pictures and about 8-10 HUGE fucking guys surrounded them. I mean these guys looked like they were on steroids or something. I had to win this group before I could move in on her. So I went in and started up a conversation with one of the guys about what kind of supplements he took with working out and said that I was "interested in getting really built like he was" (bullshit). Before I knew it, I had almost all of the guys talking about working out and this girl (her name was Cristal as I would find out later) was "eye fucking the shit out of me". So I go inside and tell my friends not to wait up for me and return to Cristal and the bodybuilders. They are still chatting up about working out so I turn my attention to Cristal and throw out a neg or two. We then began to chat about random shit like where we were born and that stuff. She was asking most of the questions and doing a lot of touching of my arm, which, as we all know, are big IOIs. So I figured I would isolate her to the back porch, there were only a few people back here so we would not be bothered.

    We got back there and I pulled a few attraction moves (The Denmark mind-read and the 1-10 number guess, which I am surprised still worked after the show). Then I leaned in to whisper something in her ear and then smelled her hair. "Your hair smells really good" I said, "Did you know that when animals smell each other’s hair in the wild, it insights sexual arousal in the females?" Straight from THE GAME but I knew this would work. She had mentioned that she liked animals and she had a tongue-ring.


    I saw a smile creep across her face and her eyes glass over..."No...I...I didn't know that." she said almost speechless...I had her! I figured I would put the icing on the cake and said, "And you know what else,” I reached around and gave her hair a little tug, "lions will pull each other’s hair before, and during, their mating, because it too, causes sexual arousal." She was speechless...I could see two guys standing near us watching me and wondering how the hell I was doing this! I was going to lean in and go for the kiss but before I could even get back to my stance from whispering in her ear, she yanked me in and jammed her tongue down my throat. I pulled back for a second and then thought "fuck-it...she wants me, don't ruin this".

    So we made out then returned to the body builders and her friends. I thought this was done but she kept eyeing me so I moved in for the kiss again and she went for it. All of the body builder’s eyes turned in amazement. All of these guys were trying to get her and I had succeeded. They proceeded to move a car from one parking spot across the street to another...I laughed because they were trying to attract by showing off their strength and I HAD attracted by playing my game well.

    I asked her if she wanted to go a few doors down with me to the place I was staying that evening but she was reluctant. I said it would only be for a few minutes because I had to get back to help a drunk friend get a cab (complete bullshit on my part). She said alright and we went to my friend’s house. We made out a bit and then she said, "I need to go back to my girlfriends, we said we would all go home together." THIS IS WHERE MY DUMB ASS FUCKED THIS UP!!

    "OK", I said.

    AHH!!!! "OK"????? Why the FUCK did I just say that?!?! I had her JUST where I wanted her and I said OK!!

    So we got back and they were getting ready to leave because I guess there were cops coming or some shit like that? So I used the "what steps can we take to make sure this conversation continues" line and she gave me her number and I gave her mine (I know, I usually don't give out my number but I kinda wanted to see this girl again...she was actually really interesting and liked a lot of things that I do). So I returned to my apartment happy that I had kiss closed three girls that night and number closed the one that I was most interested in.

    So I am checking out my websites and realize that she has already friend requested me on So I accept and go to bed. The next day she messaged me saying...

    "hey [real name]/fast-track! lol! It was good to meet you last night, it was CRAZY FUN hope you had fun. I was checking your profile and it seems like your a big DMB fan and so am I!"

    NOW!! HERE IS THE MILLION-DOLLAR QUESTION! I want to reply to her but I don't want to come across as needy or begging. I DO want to see her again and know that she in interested in me. How do I play this from here, I have not been here yet since I have only been gaming for about 2-3 months. I was thinking about making her dinner or going on a date or something like that but how should I go about asking her without sounding like I am begging for it...because I need her to be begging for me?

  2. Why are re-posting this?

    Don't make her dinner.

    I would just invite her out to another social gathering. "Hey, we're all getting together Friday at (insert place here). Blah blah blah"

    That's you best bet.

  3. If your looking to turn this more into a LTR type of thing, you might want to try doing some online gaming (I.M. her for a bit)...she's already isolated in that situation and you can establish a more solid base, then just take her out or something (Don't make dinner for her). I would keep it more one on one and brief (she already has expressed plenty of interest), but that's just more my style. Do whatever you're more comfortable with, but make sure you keep the whole thing in perspective.

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    Use the whole, well I'm going here (the mall, grocery shopping, your friends, the bar, driving range) for a little, you can come if you want. and tell her it's SO not a date, unless she brings you flowers.

  5. I had thought about this same problem lately: …. I concluded that I needed to think of how to ask a chick out without asking her out…. There fore not sounding needy or supplicating... I found something that seems to work for me… Maybe it would help you…. As I’m talking to her I may just say, confidently, “Hey, I have Friday off, we can hang out and do something fun” or “I‘m going wine tasting Sunday, You can tag along if you want” etc. etc.. ..It’s like asking but not asking…. If she’s interested she will either accept and come on that day or offer a counter day that will work. If she’s not she’ll make up an excuse or just say fuck you I’m not hanging out with you…. In which case I just weeded her out saving myself a lot of work and time which would have no paybacks in the end….. Even if I get shot down I save face.


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