How do you guys get rid of nervous habits or ticks
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    WomanWatcher Guest

    How do you guys get rid of nervous habits or ticks

    David D talks about this as I am sure every other guru in some way:
    Get rid of nervous ticks or habits.
    My own habits include:
    1. Shaking my legs (A LOT, even when standing when I am very nervous. Lots of times I just shake my legs out of boredom too, like in class or when sitting with friends or whatever. When I am cold, I shake my legs more than most)
    2. Touching (and yes picking*) my nose. I don't do it in public thank GOD, but I want it gone
    3. Blinking a lot
    4. Biting my lip
    5. curling my lips up and down
    6. "stretching" my face. like moving my nose from side to side

    I am only sharing this habits to show you guys that I don't care if its embarrassing to admit, I just want them GONE! How do we go about destroying these nervous habits?

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    Maybe look into a behavioral hypnotist.
    maybe someone near you in the Yellow pages can help.
    Interview them first before you pay for treatment...Also do a search on the web and see what treatment choices you have.
    There`s almost nothing that cant be helped.

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    This is going to sound extreme but just go with it.
    Have one of your friends punch you in the mouth next time you bite your lip. I had a similar problem in martial arts. After one good pop I stopped.
    I touch my nose a lot too. I wish I had the answer to that one.
    Try and be aware of what you are doing at all times. Where your legs are, your shoulders, chin, etc. Put them where you want them. Consciously stop shaking your leg, even when you are alone. After a short time things will be more natural and you wont have to think about it so much.

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    Iceman Guest

    One that I can't get over is whenever I'm wearing sunglasses, I tend to push them up on my nose very every few minutes. Even if they don't need to be pushed up.
    Someone posted in a different topic...I think it was Cedar who said it, that he found out that it took 21 days to make or break a habit.

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    Try what Craig says: Pretend your on camera 24/7....and a HB that your interested in is going to watch it.
    What really helps getting rid of a twitch is staying BUSY. You have no time to think about it. If you pay close attention you'll usually do it at a time when you are bored and thinking of NOTHING.
    If these tactics dont work for you, and it affects your self-image I would seek profesional help.

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    Psychosomatic reaction to stress is very common. Medication might help fighting the symptoms but rarely cures it. The problem usually persists and repeats every time there's pressure. When the pressure subsides, you might notice that the symptoms clear entirely by themselves. So it's a common phenomenon, and if someting is bothering you, you may want to talk to a doctor, but make sure he knows it may be related to your psychological state.
    Overall, it's nothing to worry about (other than temporary inconvenience; once you learn to not worry, and/or your tribulations are in the past, it will all disappear, most likely.) Hopefully it's nothing terribly serious... to make sure, ask a doc.

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    WomanWatcher Guest

    The leg shaking is the worst of them all.
    I have been doing it as far back as I remember and I do believe it manifested itself from some type of pressure, however at one point in my past, I recall negatively thinking, "It will never go away, its just who I am"
    It is now at the point where I find it takes more energy to control my leg shaking than it is to just allow myself to shake.
    I will be super tired, sitting in my room on the computer, writing something, and I will be shaking my legs super fast.
    Ahh, now I remember where it came from. I remember seeing my mom do it when I was like 8 years old or something. I didn't know why she did it. I soon found myself copying it.
    The shaking leg kind of gets in the way of studying and concentration now. Its like a curse lol. I don't shake my leg when I am stretched out, so I found a work-around.
    I wonder if I have a limiting belief regarding my negative habits. That is, everyone has beliefs, some are like "I am awesome with women" however, I wonder if me shaking my legs could correspond to a belief, like "Shaking my legs relieves stress"
    What do you guys think?

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    A while back I read about Milton Erickson the father of NLP.
    He had a patient that pissed himself while asleep around 3am in the morning. Milton asked the patient to wake up at 2:45 am every night and stand over his bed and deliberately piss on his bed.
    By doing this execise the patient felt that he had control over his pissing and never again had problems at night wetting his bed.
    When I used to get nervous about speeches etc... By trying to deny or avoid thinking about that I was nervous it only increased my nervousness.
    But then by acknowledging that I was nervous and focusing that I am nervous the feeling of being nervous dissapeared.
    Basically focusing on the feeling you wish to diminish causes it to diminish while the opposite increases the feeling.
    Anyone can relate to this experince?
    IM me if you want to sarge. - Orgasmatron

    Miami, FL USA

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    Quote Originally Posted by orgasmatron
    Anyone can relate to this experince?
    Yes, But in an odd way. Whenever I go in trying to fail at something it becomes work to do so. Like I can enter a set wanting to get blown out but I end up with a number or them wanting me to go with them somewhere. Its a wonder I dont do this everytime. It even happens in sports or pretty much anything.
    Does this mean pessimism is the way to go, or does knowing this mean you are always an optimist. Ponder that for a while.

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    i found that as i became extremely congruent with my routines the nervous ticks went away...


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