Fader 1 on 1 - NYC, Oct 2007
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    Fader 1 on 1 - NYC, Oct 2007

    Just had a 1 on 1 with Fader this past weekend.

    If you want the short review, it was an awesome weekend. Fader is really easy to relate to, and he's very detailed in debriefing and giving both overall and specific advice. Above all, the guy cares about your success, if you take a 1 on 1 with him and you somehow fail to progress, he will literally jump in front of a truck. Obviously, he hasn't, so our 1 on 1 went pretty well.

    Ok, long version:

    On the first night, Fader and I talked at the bar to start things and he was doing sets left and right from where we were sitting. It was an eye opener to see how much interest he was able to generate. When it came time for me to do sets, he gave me the right amount of push, made it sound like it was no big deal (and it usually wasnt), and then backturned me. I don't know if he made a good read on me or what, because the backturn was so swift, the AA never had a chance to set in, and I was approaching. The first night we worked on approaching, transitioning, and building attraction. I had read a good amount coming into the 1 on 1, but to me, i had bits and pieces, with no concrete idea of how it all works together. Watching Fader implement various aspects of his was like taking the spokes I already had in my mind, and sticking them all into a hub. And his detailed explanation of mistakes I was making in set furthered secured the spokes onto the hub.

    There was one set where a girl asked if what we were doing was some type of game, refering to Neil Strauss' book. Fader was not phased by it at all and was able to change the frame and continue to move through attraction.

    Fader gave a really good explanation of frame control. I thought I had an idea of what frame control was, but Fader's explanation and practical examples of it redefined my concept of it.

    Fader is also very good at keeping an overall talkative mood in between sets. It's really important for you to be in a social mood prior to approaching, and Fader was very good at setting that.

    In the second night, after a lot of what I had experienced and seen set in a bit, the sets went better. In fact, on my first set I took this girl's cell phone and started walking off with it, and the attraction was so high that she smiled and was having fun during the interaction. Fader and I ended up leaving that bar (not many sets) and she told me that she would be in that bar a while and that I should go back to see her later that night. We had work to do, so we moved along. We bounced around Manhattan doing sets at various bars. Fun times.

    He paid a lot of attention to what I was doing and giving very detailed feedback after every set. I had some common sticking points which he was able to see and addressed. For example, one of my sticking points was low kino in the beginning of sets, and Fader gave me both easy examples of how I can get that moving along earlier and more frequent, and he also gave me suggestions of routines I could run (customized for me) to increase the amount of kino. Fader also pointed out some of my strengths that I should continue to play to.

    I highly recommend Fader to anyone looking for someone to do a 1 on 1 with. In additon to being an awesome instructor, he's a really cool guy to hang around with.

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    I had an awesome time man. You have super playful mannerisims. This will help you so much in the field. Your last few sets went really well. Keep approaching, follow the 3 second rule and ramp up your kino and you are well on your way
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