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    "ATTN: Someone is thinking about you! Keep this text going. Forward this to someone who has been on your mind!"

    9 times out of 10 you'll get it forwarded back to you..

    if not lol sorry bro she probably sent it to me!

  2. "I just made you open your phone for no reason...looks like I got you in check =P"

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    you: "hey (hb's name) guess what."

    hb: "what?"

    you: "you're sexy."

    one of my favorites. for comfort, of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xcruiserx View Post
    Dude... all the ones u mentioned sound AFC. Why not try " you just popped into my head and i thought id say hi"
    I use this all the time. You just popped into my head so hi... now please stay out of there.

    Btw I tried to start a thread like this about good text messages (didnt have to be one liners), and it failed pretty mniserably. if this has a good run I will merge them both
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  5. "Soo....aliens are coming to abduct all the sexy people off the planet and force them to breed. You should be safe, I just wanted to text to say goodbye."

    Credit - Mehow.

    I seriously LOVE that one.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Pony Boy View Post
    a girl sent me that felt kinda weird.[in a bad way] maybe it's different from the other side?

    somebody rate this...i just thought of this...
    -lets go to vegas and get married right now. ur the most beautiful woman ive ever met
    [then follow up with...]
    -oh my bad...wrong person!

    ^^^i'm sure somebody on here can rework that to make it sound better.

    I actually sent this to a girl after she basically started messing with me, it totally reframed the interaction back into my favor and she went wild for it. I went with:

    "Baby you're the hottest thing I've ever seen! Let's fly to Vegas and elope"

    followed by:

    "O Sh** sorry wrong number"

  7. fiji

    I tried this one with a fair amount of success

    "Brrrrr , it's f--cking cold out think it is nice in Honolulu? (anyplace will work)

    reply: It is probably always nice there: or yes.

    me: kwell you drive, I will pay for gas and tolls.

    this is great because it sets up this whole fantasy role playing thing about you 2 taking a car trip to someplace nice and warm, and it is funny because you obviously can't "drive" to a tropical island. and you can bring it up a week later or even when you hang out with her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fulminic View Post
    ok ok - These are great so far...

    But what about when we are texting someone and getting a reply of "Who is this..." Whether it be someone you just met or someone you haven't talked to in a while. IMO - a reply with just "I'm so and so" demonstrates lower value and doesn't leave room for much more.

    What do we got in the bag of tricks for this one?
    pre-empt it with ending your first text message with "-yourname". just like you do with the first text message after you meet the girl (credit pu101)

  9. =P Me Sticking My Tongue At You

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    text: and the category is _____.... (people who annoy you, etc etc..) and so on


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