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    Big list of Text Messages

    I would like to start a list of great text messages to send. If we can put together a great list I will move it to best of.

    I will start:
    "Hey goof, I bet my weekend can beat up your weekend."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fader View Post
    I will start:
    "Hey goof, I bet my weekend can beat up your weekend."
    Don't mean to be an ass but isn't that Mehow's? It's in his new book I think

    Anyway, "I just met your twin," of course, for flakes and girls you haven't spoken to in a while - credit savoy

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    "My week beats your year" - (a Telefon Tel Aviv song that I love)

    I know that'd intrigue me.

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  5. sometimes I like to send out texts at random that just say

    "haha ive got you by the balls now!" ; almostalways elicits a response

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    Wish someone a happy "insert weird/funny holiday" day.

    See some ideas here:

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    A list of the Ultimate One line texts

    I was sittin around in a class with my friend... we started trying to come up with the best one line texts thats pure crack for them... the number one we got was:
    1. I hope your smiling. :-)
    add some of your own and see what else is good.

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    2. (in comfort) something about u seems to always make me smile.
    3. (push-pull) out of all the (first name) (last name)'s I know... i think your my favorite.

  9. Dude... all the ones u mentioned sound AFC. Why not try " you just popped into my head and i thought id say hi"

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    Texts by themselves are crack for chicks. It is impossible for them not to respond. You can say anything and they will reply, if only just to sat WTF or huh???
    Anyways, my standard is:

    What sort of trouble are you causing?


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