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  1. Ever thought of girls like to be approached?

    Ok, I´m completely new to the game and I am German, so there might be some differences to the society. Anyways, I was at a Rock-Festival with some friends. This one female friend of mine, I would rate her a 7-8, was complaining of not beeing hit on. duh!
    Girls wanna be approached and they wanna meet men!
    And even if they turn you down, they still appreciate your approach. Think it like being of public service if you want to. You are going to make her feel better, either way. If you close or not either she will be able to spend some time with the most amazing man arround (you ) or she will feel pretty becaus of your approach!
    I know this is completely not in line with the "I don´t give a shit" attitude but works for me.

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    I recommend the Tony Robbins book "Awaken the Giant Within". It has a section early on in the book on "Beliefs" and I related it to my experience with the "anxiety of approaching women."
    AFC - The thoughts running through his head would be negative ones of when he had previously had been rejected, laughed at, AMOGed or just simply ignored! (this is why the "3 second rule is initially a quick fix for learners as it stops the AFC from thinking all these negative thoughts and becoming anxious)
    PUA - The PUA differs as he will cast his mind back to all the many times he has opened sets successfully with extreme confidence, attracted all the women in the group and closed the target with the utmost precision.
    You need to condition yourself to think of all the times:
    - somebody has found a story you have told interesting and funny
    - when you've had that prolonged gaze from a woman that says you are the only man in the club who she's interested in
    - when you have had a group of both men and women laughing at every word you say
    - when different groups of people are constantly drawing you into their conversations, searching for validation from you
    - when you have approached a set and they have been initially cold, then after a couple of minutes they have warmed to you and will now not let you leave
    - that look in a girl's eye that tells you she has literally that second become attracted to you following the delivery of a perfect neg
    - the confidence you have previously felt when you believe you can open any set and attract any woman
    - the times when the right words seem to literally fall off your tongue. You don't need anymore cheat sheets, every routine, neg, game, story flies into your head and you reel them off one by one. You feel sharp!
    - you have made the inital approach but they have to prove to you that they are worthy of speaking to you. If they do not impress you within 5 minutes you will simply go and find somebody else to talk to and they have lost their opportunity. They will have to wait for the next guy, you can easily go and speak to somebody else straight away.
    Read these through, and any others you can think of, over and over and over and over (you get it). Think of the image, the name of the girl, the taste of her lipstick, the sound of their laughter for each of the above. Start believing in yourself and the results will follow...........................

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    I have found that the best way to get over approach anxiety is to imediately begin talking to anyone around you. Preferably someone you're not shooting for. THis gets the bugs out of your system, loosens you up, and also makes you look sociable to all watching, which brings girls defenses down when you make your way over to them.

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  13. IMO to fight this anxiety it would be a good idea go to a acting school or just take a cursus! If you can act in front of lot of strangers, then i surely would help you to overcome the fear of approaching!

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    I love the "21 days to make/break a habit" idea, and that if you stop being a social creature, anxiety returns. So true!

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