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    Who wants to make this happen? A house with 3-4 PUAs taking the night life by storm! I'm thinking a house right on 4th ave. In which we can practice our routines and conversation threads during the day and bring chicks home by night! This would be the perfect opportunity to build inner and outer game. With 3-4 people on the same path, it will be an opportunity for growth, friendship and many fun stories to talk about. Lets live the lifestyle that will naturally attract women.

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    Fuck it...i am down

  3. Hi! I am experienced in venusian arts and looking for a wingman who can sarge with me. Let me know if you are interested. My cell is 520 3957886

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    Damn that is a good idea! I already live on my own and LOVE it, but that would be the best way to do it. Practicing your material around people who don't get it sucks.

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    I do agree. We need to get a bunch of us together, go out and see what happens. If we could get a group going to talk about and share ideas and work material out that would be sweet.

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    I'm in


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