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    Collection of good negs

    Whats up guys, lets get a good thread going here. I want to hear some good negs that you guys use when you sarge, I like to throw some new ones into the rotation every time I go out.

    I'm talking about good natured negs here guys. There is a thin (maybe not as think as some people think) line that seperates negging and just being an asshole. Nobody wants to hang with an asshole so keep it cool.

    I'll kick it off and add more as I think of them. I invent good ones on the fly all the time when I go out, I just need to put them somewhere so how about here...

    I like to make fun of girls with big purses (there are plenty out out there). Something like, "Hey nice purse," smiling, "What do you have a gun in there or something?"

    If I meet a girl and she is fluffing me with dumbass questions: Whats your name? Where are you from? What do you do? I'm like, "Whoa settle down Nancy Drew," turn to her friends, "Is she trying to solve a mystery or something?" Another good one for when she is asking you questions is "What are you a cop or something?" Smiling of course.

    Keep the ball rolling, lets put our heads together, humor is key.

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    i like to compare het with my little niece..
    "that's so cute, my (little) niece laugs just like that"
    "my little niece has the same shirt"

    after that,
    "don't worry, she's really adorable"

    if the girls are above 24, ik like to accuse her of having a midlife crisis

    ofcourse, you'll have to be smiling and deliver it well

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    Thats good stuff.

    I like the little niece comparison, I use one like that with my little sister:
    "Your a lot like my little sister. Your loveable, but a little annoying."

    Whenever I see girls in those tall ass boots (stripper boots),
    "Those are nice, do you and Marilyn Manson go shopping together often?"

    Lets keep it going guys...


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    A good one I used this weekend:

    Whenever a girl I'm talking to tells me she likes to go clubbing I'm like, "What like baby seals? I knew you were trouble!"

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    i usualy use " you have a beautiful smile, familiar smile, do you know shrek???

    one time the girl said, oh nice sherk is so cute, an than i replied, yeah i know, but to you remember the donkey, you're smile is the same!!!

    i can get always a smile...

    field tested...

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    If a girl has big earrings, ask her, "How is the reception on those?" or "Do you get good reception on those?" The earrings have to be large for this to work.

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    'You kinda Smell like Febreeze'

    Girl walking out of restroom.' You have toilet paper stuck on your shoe' (improvise if she doesn't)

    'When's the last time you had your nails done' (works best if she hasn't had em done)

    'Your right foot looks bigger than your Left, it's kinda cute, like a penguin or something"

    "You have long fingers"

    "When's the last time you read a book" (makes her question her intelect)

    "U have hairy arms, kinda like a furbee, cute"

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    some from my collection enjoy

    You are SO adorable > it's sickening
    You know, you can be pretty interesting sometimes
    You're awesome!! > Sort of.
    You're pretty > but your evil


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    Can't remember where I heard this one but credit whoever it was.

    If a girl has died hair and her roots are showing through, "I love your hair, it must take forever to die the roots like that!"

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    lol, Riz, I always love your shit, that last one is great.


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