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  1. Hey, I enjoy philosophy in general, but this one is extremely intruiging

    I'm somewhat unconvinced about whether or not our brain waves has an efect on our futur situations, although without a doubt there is always something negative to look at and usualy alot more positive.

    The brain will look for oportunities to prove what ever it believes, so if you believe you are disliked, you will find evidence of that and will often not realise it when people do like you.

    If you're range of perspectives is on what you want more of, you will follow the good that you've seen, and in term it will lead you to more of that same thing... life is what you make it, literaly. There's always some good to be lead by, so look for it and it will increase! this is interesting; 80 people were put into a social context, 78 were told to only talk about positive things, 2 only negative. 20 times on 20 the 2 negative people drifted to eachother within 5-8 minutes (they didn't know who eachother were either)... Be positive with negative people and watch them leave (negativity is contagious!!!). Misery likes company.

    Envy is a killer to our personal growth, it takes the focus off of where we are and rationalizes our lack as we say how "lucky" they are, it's not fair - instead of seeing them as a means to motivate ourselves and to learn from.

    Critisizing, condemning others or complaining are all attempts to relieve ourselves from the emediate responsibility for ourselves (remember your attitude got you where you are) but the other side of this coin, is it also removes our posibility of moving forward towards the good we really want, since you're looking at... negative. Besides, destructive gossip makes people unatracted to you! So maybe you think he/she deserves to be ruined, don't ruin yourself attempting to attain this "justice".

    All the best, Joel

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    This is SO true. Before you learn a single routine/tool/gambit or anything... Work on this first. Without it you are handicapping yourself.

    And hopefully in the long run it becomes true and you do operate from a place of abnundance where women are something you have a surplus of...

    To quote Biggy... "Don't chase em', replace em'." You always can. Act like it.
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    "Men wanted for Hazardous Journey. Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of success."

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  4. Yeap, that is something I've been learning for a while. Hello I am revelangel. I was actually introduce to the community thank of thinking like this. It all started like 6 months ago when I read the book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrnes. and ever since then my life has changed to the point of actually placing in my hands the manual to the mystery that has been following my whole life... women. Thinking and Feeling abundant (like we can have anything that we want because there is plenty) has brought me to this point and for that I am GRATEFUL.

    I know the discussion is Old but I am new!!!!

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    I will be quick:

    Read The Law of Attraction, Ask and it is Given, and other books on law of attraction. They give you tools to harness these principles.

    Things such as -Evidence Journals, Positive Aspect Books, etc... 'Law of Attraction' has the 3 best step program.

    Anyone know of any tools they use to help applying this to life?
    I have several, extensive.


  7. I came to this a few years back.

    Apparently a philosophy of abundance can be contagious.
    That's right on. When you realize that when you open that door for someone else, and truly believe, that someone will return the favour, you are creating positivity. Its been said that just witnessing an honourable act will increase the endorphines in your head. Increasing your skill set will just allow you to be part of different things. It's like every opportunity to be helpful, is actually an opportunity to help yourself.

    "Treat others as you would like to be treated"

    This bring namaste to a whole new level.

  8. I wholeheartedly agree with you on what you have experienced and written here...

    I personally got into reading books about Self Help as far back as the late 80's...some of it has shaped my life, and at one stage back in the late 90's and the onset of this decade, I was using the material and beliefs with results beyond my wildest dreams...then something happened!

    It all started to collapse around me...I lost my focus, met women that I put on a pedestal, broke my heart, and played me for everything I was worth...I know all us guys have been through makes us what we are today...the Rich Tapestry of Life!

    The dilemma is that if you stop using the philosophy, you loose the "benefts"...I have moments where I think, scarcity...especially where work and money is concerned being a self employed person.
    The times I just let go, and think, something will turn up over the next couple of days, it invariably does...

    Who was it said that we are in a state of Entropy...basically, everything around you is vibrating with either positive or negative energy...and you are like a transmitter and reciever.
    Transmit great thoughts, or positive emotions, and the same will return back to you, likewise with negative, dark thoughts...we become our own reality from what we think about.

    I like your style and approach Dead Eye...

    Best regards from London!


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    Could help with neediness?

  12. This is something I definately need to adopt. Commenting so I could find this later and read it thoroughly.

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    There are lots of fish in the sea.

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    All i can say is..

    People who based their life on scarcity, EXPECTS too much, coz they believe its all limited.

    Take life with no expectations.

    This is a great post, you guys are really an eye opener!

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