my college experience

I just started college and have been trying to work on my skills. I have been doing pretty good actually and at the beginning of school I actually opened with direct openers since everyone is in the situation of meeting people. So I would just say “hey” befriend whoever they were and then I merged groups together. It was fun! When a HB came a long I tried opening her with a pawn. I have met so many HBs and its been easy in college. However it has been getting tough recognizing weather I am in A2, A3, or C1, and basically all of my problems are coming from my bad calibration…but what the fuck that’s why we sarge right?? To get better on it…so my main problem comes when I play cocky to much, sometimes I come across as too cocky and then they feel a little uncomfortable I guess. The good part is that I am able to generate attraction constantly…it feels pretty good, Ive been getting better at negging and on my dhvs. Anyway guys it wouldn’t hurt to get a little advice so what do you guys do when you are negging and DHVing and then you finish that, generate some attraction but then you have to go and you cant build any comfort? Where do you start from the next time you see the girl? Or sometimes in the bookstore for example I met this 3 set and opened successfully and then negged the target HB8 got her to talk to me but then it was like you cant isolate a girl in a bookstore…so I just tried to be nicer and cut the cocky and just played funny.. trying to give a little more attention to the target..i saw them afterwards when I went to their dorm to chat a bit, I focused on doing as much kino as possible with my target but haven’t heard from her since..the other part is that I have even been opened several times by girls many HBs too! So when they open me I see this as a strong sign of attraction, and I know this sounds weird but I get lost when I do this…..OK let me tell you this really quick, this girl was hitting on me ok she told me oh how do you want me to dress for you take my number for future reference and all sorts of HUGE she came to this house party I made with my friend and kiss closed her by the end of the night, however I think I could have done a lot better because when she gave me the IOIs I freaked out and didn’t know exactly what to do, (she was an HB7 by the way) fortunately I kept a little playfulness and I guess it kinda worked, but maybe I should have just built deep rapport with her…..?

So basically my questions are..

1. How do I get away when you have generated enough attraction but you feel like you haven’t got to much into comfort? Should I go to some more attraction material next time I see the girl?

2. In a venue such as a book store.. how shold you build comfort without looking like you wanna get the girl?..(maybe negging enough and not braging should be enough proof to the others that you are not trying to get her…I think I know the answer to this one but I don’t wanna fuck it up with a girl I will be seeing often around school so I want to be SURE about it)

3. When a HB opens you and hits on you where do you start A1,A2,A3 or C1??