Girl messages me all the time.
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    Girl messages me all the time.

    Hi guys.
    I have this problem that this girl that Iam seeing like once every 2 weeks; she messages me all the time. And it's CUTE messages... I like getting them from a girl like this, but she does it ALL THE TIME. When i don't answer she just messages me even more and i feel like I have to answer... I can't ignore like 10 text-messages? or can I? Thx for any help.

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    GO fuck her brains out?

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    Is this girl a FB? Does she know where you guys stand?

    If some guy ignored ten of my text messages, I'd be pretty certain he didn't want to see me.

    Then again, I'd never be so crazy as to send ten unanswered text messages.

    Sorry, I'm just typing everything I think now. Back to the point...

    I think you need to be a bit clearer as to what this relationship is, a) if you want useful advice on the forum, and b) so she and you both know what's going on.

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    Details? This is in the relationship forum, so is she your GF?


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