Teaching women the EPM
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    Teaching women the EPM

    Hey guys, I have a female friend who isn't really attractive. She lives in my campus and had a crush on me once, but she was so ugly that I shrugged her off in a very rude way. Now, i feel guilty about it. We are sorta friends now and I want to help her. She lives a very lonely life without guys, and most guys ignore her when she talks. She is not really fat, just not very nice looking and ungroomed. Would mystery's method work for her? Should she attend a workshop?

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    no way ... the way we guys make attraction is different from girls ... i always share my techniques with my sisters to make them diagnose guys' games in the society and know how guys used to attract but i never encourage them to use it to make attraction because girls don't need to open over shoulder , to neg a guy and etc

    if you want to help her , then take her out , give her some beauty advice on getting waxed , trimming the eyebrow , taking out the pimples and wearing fashion.

    i met a girl long time ago , she was not beautiful but the way she was carrying herself and groomed , it made me like her.

    girls should know how to make up , dress and act.

    i think that's the best way to make her attractive , just ask yourself , what is the thing that makes most guys attracted to girls ??? it can be look but if she is not fat , then she already has the nice body and she should groom a little to get attraction.

    stay cool

  3. plastic surgery depending how bad it is

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    MM is designed around the female psychology. It wouldn't work the same in reverse. However, there are certain basic lessons which underly it which apply to us all - carry yourself with confidence, talk to everyone, 3-second rule, learning to tell stories and capture people's interest.

    Most girls scrub up pretty well. Convince her to 'treat herself' to a day at a salon, some new clothes, hairdresser, whatever. When girls feel good about themselves physically, it shows in the way they interact socially, too.

    BTW, I'm really impressed that you want to help out a friend like this!


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