Getting a Wingman
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  1. Getting a Wingman

    Here I am sitting at home, not worried about women. Not thinking about how many tears I've cried during the last year over the most stupid shit. Not thinking about all the times I thought that death was the answer. Not the times where I questioned my sexuality. I'm thinking about someone who I can have as a fellow friend, to share this experience with.

    What is a wingman? What makes a good one? What does he do? Can he be a loser like me? Can he be anyone or anything? Whats the answer. How do I get someone and introduce them to this underground community?

    I'm chewing on some Trident Green Apple Fusion gum and all I can think about is having a wing. Is introducing someone to this community a smart idea? I fear the road ahead, I think of it as driving in the dark without lights on, maybe I'm just being a fluster fuck again? What do I know? Fuck it, I'm venting again. So many questions not enough answers. How do I get that guy, the one who I will introduce to this community without him thinking of me as a lesser man. Does he have to have girlfriend problems too. I've checked wingman rules but what does it take to get that guy to become your new friend and partner in crime in proving that I have something to offer this world other then another being a statistic. I feel like I'm trapped in a coffin.

    I'd rather be stuck in a room with a stranger. A Axe murderer.

    How do I get my wingman?

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    uh wow dude um
    short answer just go out and try it. you dont NEED a wingman to start practicing. if you can get a friend into it or if you meet someone else who is, then all the better. but don't let not having a wing stop you. some of the best PUAs did not have wings when they started.


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