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    Bodylanguage glossary

    Non-Verbal Communication

    I would have but I had no idea she was interested in me !
    Sound like something you, have said before? Human beings communicate on a deep level with one another. Our verbal communication is only a fraction of what we are saying to one another. Your interaction with other human beings is deeply rooted in your ability to interpret and convey non-verbally. This communication can be used on women, and men alike. It is crucial for you to understand that you must begin to be consciously aware of you body language at all times. While this will prove difficult at first, eventually you will use your body language to depict yourself honestly as the person you are.
    Do you like quiet sensitive women, but for some reason always end up with social butterflies, which are very dominant? The problem could be that your body language does not convey who you are honestly. You may not be doing this on purpose, but the end result with be the same; many short failed relationships. You are demonstrating qualities with your body language that you may not possess.

    Begin by going into a busy café and simply observing. Force yourself to observe things like gestures, eyes, limbs, hands, feet, shoulders, and expressions. By scanning a table of friends it is usually very easy to surmise who is dominant and who is submissive. More simple than that is noticing if a person agrees or disagrees with what somebody else is saying by their expression.

    I am going give a very specific summary of body language, but I want to warn you. Do not exhibit body language that does not conform to your personality. Not all of you are aggressive, not all of you are dominant. You may pretend to be, and you will even take women who like this to bed, BUT you will fail at keeping them around. If it is not your nature to be outspoken and super funny than do not pretend to be. This is a recipe for failure. It is better to attract people into your life that mesh with who you really are than to ‘pretend’ to be something you are not.


    Leaning towards any person or object will indicate a desire for them/it. If you are on a date and your partner is leaning towards the door, they want to leave. If they lean towards you they are interested in what you are saying. Notice this, and do not stay on topics that do not interest both of you. Most of you knew this, and thus most of you have probably leaned back on dates, letting your partner lean forward. This is HUGE fallacy. If you do not telegraph any interest in your partner evenif there is some you are being manipulative. Conversley if you do nto have any interest in this person, then I ask you, why are you on a date with them? We as people are interested in people that are interested in us to a degree. Use a lean in from tie to time when somebody says something youa re interested in. It can help steer conversation in a direction both of you want, and enjoy.


    Few people can maintain a confortable level of eye contact with other people. This is a sign of insecurity an dishonesty. If you are shy and unable make eye contact with somebody they will sub-consciously judge this as a bad sign. You must work towards a conmfort level with people that allows you to make and maintain eye contact with other people.
    The direction in which you look is also very indicative of your mood, and outlook. Looking upwards is a sign of optimism and confidence. Looking downwards with the eyes is the opposite, and looking down with the head is a sign of submission, and fear. The body is protectingthe neck, which converys a fear and insecurity. It is something that we all notice in people subliminally.


    “Don’t slouch” your grade school teacher was trying to help. A human being will try tomake themselves a smaller target when they are scared, fearful, or in an unpleasant conversation. Shoulder slouching is a sign of submission, and feat. Erect broad shoulders show confidence and pride.


    Arms and legs are huge appendages, and we use them extensively in our body language. Crossed arms in front of the torso protect the body, and is a sign of defensiveness. Crossed legs vary depending on the tightness. Legs that are wound around, are being defensive, and also demonstrate a lack of mobility. This also applies to arm extensions, a person waving around a stick is attempting to demonstrate power, or usefulness. This may be leadership, or arrogance.


    When nervous people will subconsciously drum on tables or fidget with objects, such as keys or a label on a beer bottle. This is often done without us even realizing it. Observe it in people. It may demonstrate boredom, nervousness, or even a lack of control.


    We point our feet in the direction of our interest. If you are at dinner drop your napkin and pick it up. While youa re down there observe the direction of the toes of people you are sitting with. This will easily let you know who’s interest you have and who’s you do not.

    Exposure of glands

    People still expose glands as a sign of interest. If a woman is asked to strike a sexy post often the pose is with the arms above the head. This is because it exposes the glands in the armpits which excrete pheromones, is a woman is often raising her hands abover her head in your presence she could be giving you subtle hints about her interest.


    Flicking lint of clothing, adjusting hair, polishing glasses, etc. These are examples of somebody saying that they are trying to look good for somebody else. A good sign, often overlooked.


    I could write for pages about this one. I will keep it simple. Smile = good. Period. A smile convery only good things, never bad things. It will make a difference in your life in and of itself

    By no means is this list exhaustive, and I could go on for hours. I don’t necessarily want you to go out and use this, I want you to read it and begin noticing it in the people around you, and I want you to notice how your behavior will affect their body language. This is a very powerful tool, and one your reptilian brain already knows. Just remind it, and begin becoming aware of it. This is a difficult art to master. It is also, however, one of the most powerful tools to communication.


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    Most of this is on-point but I have to say a few things: some of the things you say are your subjective beliefs and imo should've been excluded (don't try to be dominant if you're not [i highly doubt there is a "dominance gene" that is somehow impervious to forced social conditioning to become a guy with a set of balls]; don't be manipulative!) That's the stuff of chodes or of guys who are advanced enough where they can afford to do so; neither of whom will benefit from your post anyway.

    Anyway, most of this is more useful for what YOU convey to other people than trying to read other people's body language. E.g. arms crossed doesn't necessarily mean SHIT, but it definitely LOOKS like you are closed off; so if you want someone to think you're open and interested, lean in and do not cross your arms - much like you say about leaning in on a date to show interest. I can't remember who said it, but you have to make your qualification believable with your body language too (think it was juggler). "omg i love that" and LEAN IN. Don't be leaning back moving away from her going "yeah i love german girls" haha. Anyway good post. Most important body language indicators (both for observing their ioi's, and also adjusting your own attainability levels), imo, and ones that i use very consciously, are body turned toward you or away from you, and leaning in or out
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