A bit of a problem with my friend's fiance
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    A bit of a problem with my friend's fiance

    I'd like some advice on something. Here's a little back story:

    About 5 years ago (as a joke) I did the online ministry thing. Yes, for $10 I became an ordained minister and can legally do weddings, baptisms and the works. Well, I've always just told people I can do it as a joke, never actually wanted to do it.
    Well, I'm currently stationed in a small town in Alaska with the military. My friend comments on how his girlfriend is coming up and they're going to be married while she's up here. I make my comical suggestion on how I can marry them. He instantly wanted me to do it. This kid looks up to me and told me that I was his role model when he first arrived. Well, I turned him down for about a week until one day we talked about what he actually wanted. He only wanted a civil wedding. Nothing religious involved. Her family and his family aren't going to be there. Just her, him and about 50 of the guys we're stationed with. I can do this if there's no family or god involved, so I agreed.

    His girlfriend/fiance finally arrived in town today. We were hanging out and went up into the mountains looking for bears (since there's not much else to do in Alaska). Well, after talking to her and joking around with her for about 10 minutes, she starts touching me and giving me IOI's (what I thought). I tried to ignore them thinking she was just friendly like that.

    My friend and a few other people run up this hill and I wait down at the bottom with his fiance. I throw simple neg at her about her shoes just to joke around and to test the situation. She laughs and squeezes my arm then comes right out and says "You know, you're really hot." I just say thanks and tell her I'm going to meet up with the rest of the group.

    I now feel a little uncomfertable solemnizing the wedding. My question is, do you think I should tell my friend? Or just do the wedding (Which in 2 days) and not say anything? Or warn the kid? (P.S. I'm getting a new station in 7 days, so I'll probably never see the two again)

    Advice would be greatful

  2. easy. tell him. do you want to be married to someone like that? he idolizes you or whatever, so he won't be mad at you.

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    Your friend is young and in love with her. You got a feel that she's not all that serious about the relationship with him.

    There's no reason to say anything to your friend about what she said to you, but you can tell him that you don't feel they've been together long enough and should spend more time together, no rush.

    Weddings are NOT just a piece of paper, you're not going to have a clear conscience about it. Let Elvis in Vegas marry them, not you, or they can go in a church and seal the deal. My opinion: marriage is to bond in the eyes of G-d. It's easy to sign them, harder than Chinese Algebra to break them. If you're 23 and you're calling him "kid"? Your certificate is good for stuff renewing vows. This is actually something that should be taken seriously otherwise they should be fine how things are going right now.

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    Eh...She gave you IOI's and said you were hot...so what. She may feel like that with lots of guys. None of your business though. Like what was said before by SDN and Phil you may offer your bud some advise and insight just to clear your conscious a bit but no need to get involved. Maybe tell him to wait and share some of your PUA knowledge with him and change his perspective on dating/relationships.

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    Why are you using attraction techniques on your friend's fiancee?
    When I am writing in red, it's as an Attraction Forums mod or admin. When I write in normal text, it's just me.

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    I wasn't joking with her to attract her. I'm a pretty fun-going guy. I used a neg just to see where she went.

    I'm probably just blowing this up in my head because it's a pretty serious deal for a friend of mine (Marriages typically are). I'm not worrying about it.

  7. Attraction is not a choice.... or so they say.


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