did bad phone game, any way to recover?

ok so i met this HB9 at a pool party last night, and we got along well, had some fun, and before she left she wanted my number so we could text, she gave me her phone and i gave her mine, we put our numbers in eachothers phones. at this point we were still in end of A2/A3. now i'm not good at all at phone game, but i decided to call her. we talked for like 5-10 minutes, and it wasn't that great. it would be a pain to describe what we talked about in this thread, but have faith, it wasn't good. there was a lot of awkward silence, due to me not thinking of things to talk about+not much happened today and i also actually cut off a thread that had the potential of being good. i also think i should have texted her first before i called.

mistakes learned from.

but now i want to know, is it possible that you can recover from bad phone game? and if it is how? if it isn't then it's all good but if i can then sweet.

also chances are i won't be seeing this girl for a while, so it would have to be done through phone or text.