Dirty Talk and being sexually dominant
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    Dirty Talk and being sexually dominant

    I'm been reading David Shade's writings and find them very useful.

    I would like to hear how people demonstrate dominance during sex. What sort of physical or verbal cues do you use.

    And related to this, I'm also interested in the what sort of non-physical (mental and verbal) techniques people out their use in order to heighten a woman's arousal.

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    Depending on your comfort levels with the girl, you can vividly describe what you're going to do to her. Obviously you can't just walk up to a girl in the mall and start talking about how you're going to gently nibble on her ear.

    To get her even more aroused, I make my tongue really wet, and stick it inside her ear. Im talking the actual ear hole. Make sure you don't slobber on her ear or anything, though. Move it around a little on the inside and the areas close to the hole, getting it damp. Back away and let it sit for 2 or 3 seconds, then gently breath in with your lips against the ridge that, I guess you could say "protects" the actuall ear hole. This will give her the chills, gaurenteed. When you let it sit there for a few seconds, it gets really cool when the air hits it, and it feels really good when alot of air hits it at once, and thats what happens when you breathe in. Get a girl to do it to you to see how it feels, and you can tweak it to the way you like it yourself.

    Physical ways of being dominant are telling her what to do. Don't guide her gently, just move her. Pin her down, pull her hair, smack her ass, pick her up and move her, etc.

  3. Be strong and confident. That's the primary thing.
    Confidence is huge. Tell her what to do. "Flip over". "On your stomach"
    "Over the bed". You could throw her into position.
    Hold her tightly - hold her breast real tight, hold her arms together.

    Most of us have fantasies of the whole rape thing. Of course, not a *real* rape. But you can simulate this lightly so long as she feels safe and comfortable with you.

    Put her on her stomach, prop up her stomach, get on top and pretend your a jail guard and she cannot go anywhere, tell her how much she loves it when you take her even though she shouldn't...

    Tell her to try to escape and hold her firmly in place.

    Play out her fantasy, whatever it is. She needs to mentally live it.

    I get the biggest deepest and longest orgasms by playing out the fantasy in my mind.

    p.s. I cannot stand that ear thing Intrepid said.

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    Girl's opinion... only one in about 15 men can pull off the ear thing. Don't try it unless you know for sure that it is going to work, otherwise it is going to be gross for her.

  5. Sorry guys, the ear thing does drive them mad. The clear signs that it has worked are the goosebumps she gets, light moans, and her hairs standing on end. If its too wet it wont work.

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    The ear thing always seemed really gross to me. Slimy tongue and ear wax? No thanks.

    Then someone did it to me. Oh my god. I am officially a convert.

    I'm also interested in the what sort of non-physical (mental and verbal) techniques people out their use in order to heighten a woman's arousal.
    There's a lot of signals and techniques, but a biggie is the eyes. Look at her with absolute lust. Tell her she can't even imagine the thoughts running through your mind right now. This will get her imagination going.

    I'd be very careful about the fantasy-rape thing. Definitely discuss that first if you're gonna do it. If a woman has been mishandled even remotely in the past, play-raping her will be a horribly disturbing experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SugarCat View Post
    p.s. I cannot stand that ear thing Intrepid said.
    Hrm, thats weird. How many times have people tried to do it to you?

    Im guessing you had one bad ear experience for your first eargasm adventure. Between talking to girls and doing it myself, its something, if done right, most girls love. I've never heard a girl say they can't stand it, though.

  8. Ya dude. Chicks loved to be pinned down, told what to do etc.
    A trick I like to do is if ur going down on her put your hands spread out on her upper thighs, and push, but not too hard just so that she cant move. She will try to squirm out as your going down and if it works, she wont be able to move and that will turn her on even more.

    Also, when actual missionary sex is taking place, I like to grab her hands by her wrists and pin them above her head while giving it to her, they seem to love that too, not being able to move. Really get on top of them...women love the closeness and weight of a guy and not being able to move is a huge turnon for them. Fingers around the neck or in the mouth is money too, and feels great.

    If shes on top, what I like doing is pulling her down close to me and biting her neck while pumping her, or if she is sort of sitting up I will often run my hands up her back and pull her hair down gently so her head goes backwards. An absolute gold move in this position also is to lightly grab her around her neck and control her by her neck, using the motions of sex with the motions of your control around her most vulnerable part. They DIG THIS. Most women get off on light choking.

    Basically women get fired up from your enforced sexual control over them. If you are truly in control of their pleasure, they will do anything for you.

    One girl I had THIS worked wonders for. I would only put it in like an inch and then take it out, after getting her worked up with oral for a while. Then I would sort of rub it up and down and put it in again, going really slowly. She was so wet and she was actually pulling me closer to her so I would go in all the way. We finally did it and I was getting really ominant...I had her in doggy against the side of my bed and was pulling her hair, lightly choking and dirty talking a bit. I actually got up, said in a demanding voice 'don't move. STAY RIGHT THERE." And I went to the bathroom to get a drink of water. I came back and she was still in that position (so hot, a girl with her butt up like that) and begging for it. She orgasmed about 2 minutes into it.

    One thing I have to mention is that with any kind of physical dominance, unless the girl is a masochist, you must be gentle yet firm. Too much and it will hurt...too little and it wont be believable. Both are turnoffs.

    Hope that helps guys.


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