FR: Weird Couple O' Days

The last two days have been odd indeed. Got back from vacation in San Fran a few days back, and was pretty eager to go out this weekend. So Friday rolls around, and despite having no success any time Iíd went out with my brother in the past (my fault as I canít get the same energy going with himÖprobably something to do with me having a certain personality with my family or something), I rolled with him. I had some new gear from San Fran to wear out, a new opener, and plenty of dhv stuff to talk about. Recently Iíve changed my game to be a little more unstructured, so even though I donít run as many routines, I still use them to advance through the stages and have them ready for when I need to cut a thread or the convo stales out.

So me and my brother go out to the Madison, a bar in Toronto thatís right near the University of Toronto campus. Quite the good place, 2nd girl I ever f-closed I met there, thereís 7 sororities on the street, if youíre ever in Toronto during the school year I definitely recommend it, especially if youíre looking for something to do on a Monday (sorority/fraternity night during the school year and come onÖitís a Monday). So we show up, and we get into things quickly. I go up to the smoking section, open three sets in there, build attraction really fast and get a lot of IOIs.

Hereís where things get weird. Iím no chump, Iíve had lots of success in the past, getting past a2 is no big deal to me at all, but for some strange reason I just didnít advance it past that, despite logically wanting to. I had good conversations going, and I had the stories/routines ready for when there was a lull in the conversation, but as soon as the time came to advance it I just didnít do or say anything. I just let the conversation die off until they said something like ĎIím gonna go grab a drink.í It was insane how quickly I was getting attraction, and the girls were all fairly attractive, but I just didnít act, it wasnít nerves or anything, it was /kind/ of like not being interested in them at the time but then asking yourself later Ďwhy didnít I do anything?í in a confused way but not at all frustrated. I have no clue how else to put it into words.

So I go out tonight, go to a party but I feel kind of sick when I get there so Iím in no mood to open, wind up talking to a few people eventually, then go back to the bars and same thing tonightÖjust pretty neutral, no interest in advancing things further for some reason even though I wanted some action. Opened some girls at the door, it was going well but I just didnít get past my 1st routine in attraction, even though we talked for a bit. Itís got me confused. Any thoughts? Anyone experienced anything like this in the past? Is there such a thing as a sticking point relapse, if this even qualifies as one? Input is appreciated

As a parting note, I hate posts that donít include anything other people can use , so let me say that I realized in San Francisco, and itís been proven over the past few days that Iíve been out, that thereís a very useful thing you can do in one or two sets during attraction that I never did before. Dunno if Iím the first to write about it, but a non-verbal neg to use in two sets , is to look away like youíre bored during the conversation , while still maintaining a good conversation, and holding your end up. Basically you do your 90% but you look around like other things are interesting you when the target is talking. Itís been working for me, try it out.