In desperate need of finding some strippers for my boys bachelor party in vegas
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    In desperate need of finding some strippers for my boys bachelor party in vegas


    Hey everybody, this is my first time on any type of a forum so here goes. This upcoming weekend is my boys' bachelor party. There are only 11 guys going but I feel the stripper party is the key to having a good time for the occasion altogether. I was kinda hoping that someone would be so kind to refer me to a couple of great strippers that aren't gonna be stuck up bitches and are gonna hook my boys up with a great show. I mean don't get me wrong, I know the difference between being a baller, tryin to act like a baller, and also being a straight out cheap-ass.(i'm sure everybody know one or two of them) I've been told that the starting rate would be 200 a girl and 300 extra a girl to add the lesbian act in between. That starts it at about a thousand. The rest is up to the guys there to throw in on tips for some ass smacking , finger bangin, and a whole lot of lap dancin for the soon to be married man. I'm making it a min. of 200 from each guy bringin it to a thousand left for the extras apart from the show it self. I'm putin up 500 for the liquor. but i'm also requiring another hundred from each person that i'm gonna changing into 1's and 5's and hold on to during the party and each guy is allow to use that last hundred whenever or if they even want to use it. If they don't than they'll get it back. Point being, these two girls can stand to make an extra thousand each but at least 500 each after we pay the initial fee for their company. And trust me I ain't gonna have no money left in my pockets after the end of that show, but as for my boys it's up to the girls to take care of that part. So If anybody who is reading this, knows a stripper or two, that is like an 8 or 9, they don't have to be 10's and shit, who could do us justice please refer me to them. My email address is my contact number is (626)274-1367. Please email me or don't hesitate at all to give me a call about this matter. Any and all referals and or tips or suggestions about the topic at hand are completely welcomed and much appreciated. Thanks

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