Wingman for Vienna wanted!
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    Wingman for Vienna wanted!

    Hey fellas!

    Whats up?
    I'm 21 and from Vienna and unfortunetly still a AFC.
    I'm looking for a wingman to go out with and practice a lot!
    If you think you are perfect for that job, just post me!
    I'm looking forward to hear from you guys.

    Grettings from Vienna


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    hello gambler
    i'm from norway but i go to vienna every summer. maybe we could meet up next summer and sarge together. i was there the two first weeks og august and i went to a disco called the nacht shift or or something with my cusin to check it out and i found out that the karaoke room whas the best to sarge in, a lot og 4 and 5 sets. i found out that i have an advantige cus i don't speek german and i speek english with a accent and the girls in vienna seem'd to think that was charming. i think about going to vienna for 3 weeks next summer so if you want to meet up an pick up some girls just let me know.

    norwegian superstar


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    I am in Vienna too - just drop me a line!

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    Hey man,
    I'm 21 and going to be in Vienna for all of February. I'm an AFC and looking to practice a lot too. Send me a message and we can coordinate something.


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    Excellent! Vienna rules!

  6. Are you still out there?
    I'd join you guys, although I'm not constantly in Vienna.

  7. Vienna Gaming, would like to join..

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    I love Vienna


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