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    Highschool Report

    I wrote this report because i need some evaluation on what am doing wrong.Unfortunately i don't remember the conversations word for word.I guess this is kind of like a mission journal since i am going to be writing stuff daily.

    Day 1:First day of school

    I couldn't sleep the whole night so i just walked around the house pumping my
    self up.I got really tired around 2am and i had nothing to eat by fruit loops.I wear by 2nd best outfit for 2 reasons.

    1)To wow the people at school that i have change because i was really depressed last year.It got so bad that i had to go to the hospital a couple of weeks at one point i was thinking about killing myself because it hurt so much.Now its a bit better but i do get attacks when am either really scared or really nervous,and it hurts likes a bitch.

    2)I planned on wearing my 3rd best the next day all the way down to Friday which i would wear my best outfit since i know for a fact the first day of school is when everyone wears their best outfits.

    I get to school really early my anxiety kicks in and i was so tired and hungry picking up girls was the last thing on my mind.I walk right into the cafeteria and saw an HB 7,she was pretty cute.I walked right up to her and her friend talking and said

    Me "wow,those are some pretty kickin sunglasses wear did you get them"

    Her "Thanks,i got them at *some store*"

    Me "oh ya that place...i have no idea what that is"

    Her*laughs* its near *some place*

    Me "o....ok,whats your name"

    Her "HBsunglasses"

    *just then an HB6 said hey Jolly which took me by surprise since she never talked to me before,but hey that did social proofed me*

    Me "thats cool ill talk to you later." i left and for about the next 30mins all i did was walked around the school approaching girls 1 after another and they all went great.i did ran into her a couple of times and i either kinoed her or waved.I get my schedule and find out that i got my favorite class.Fashion marketing,a class with all girls!

    On my way to class i met my friend (FTH) *same one from day game* and he gave me the rundown on how his day went and we decide to go pickup together.He would spot an HB go talk to her and if she wasn't in a set id either go find some random girl to talk to or id stand their and try and raise his value.When i got to my classes it was just a series of random coincidences.most of them are comprised of SHB's of the school along with the schools top Jocks,amogs,naturals and my old friends.What was pretty cool though was some of the girls that i had approached earlier were in their and got social proofed.During class i would concentrate on finishing my work and then start talking to the girls.All the guys would do the opposite and focus their attention on the girls.One thing that i was doing wrong was i felt like i wasn't making everyone happy,because everyone was dead bored except for any lucky girl next to me.Everyone else would have rather watch paint dry then stay a minute longer in class.

    In one of my classes i saw an HB(7-8) who hated me 2 years ago and treated me like pure trash.I sat right next to her and had the most relaxed
    body language ever.I asked her how her day was and after that i forgot the rest of the convo. i for a fact i was looking right into her eyes the whole time and we vibe really well.she even shit tested me saying "Joooollllyyy...i know you do want to do this but could you please go get me something to drink" to which i replied "HBHazel eyes,your a big girl am sure you can do it by yourself" She told me she has a Bf that she wants to have her babies with and marry him.I laughed and said she's a fucking psycho and then i did a back turn and started talking to another Hb only to have her reopen me by writing "I love you ~HbHazel eyes" on my paper When i got into my fashion marketing class the first thing that i thought of were all the people that are usually in the fashion forums.The girls in that class are like ridiculously hot,we have like 4UG's and by some dumb luck one of my best friend gets that class to.He is a natural jackass and gets absolutely know where with girls.He tends to make a full of himself.

    I sat in a way where i can look at every single girl in class and i had two hbs (HB8-9's) sit next to me.I vibe really really well with them,especially HBBlue eyes *shes my favorite* but with HBDitzy chick it was a whole other story.I vibe really well,but my friend came to sit next to me,unfortunately he was high since he had smoked a blunt earlier.So he would randomly create these really awkward moments by laughing at nothing and looking at me as if i knew what was so funny and all i did was just look at him and HBDizty chick.Other times he would whisper something thats really really funny and it would smash my frame for 2mins.

    Anyway the rest of the day went better than i could have ever imagined.In my last class i saw an SHB who liked me towards the end of the year right around the end of year and around the time i found out about the community.I also saw the kid who i hated the most all throughout high school and is apparently the star football player and one of the most popular kids on campus.The reason why i hate him so much is because he's so 2face,he'll act nice when its just you and him but if its you and him and a ton of hb's he'll blow you out of the fucking water.Now he acts like the true jerk he is and i even saw him pick on an HB6 which kind pissed me off.

    Anyways some how the sitting arrangement made it so that i sit infront of the SHB next to me is the Jockfaggot and behind him is the SHB's other friend also a SHB.All of them are really high up in the popularity status.He tried amoging me sevearl times,to bad it didn't work.Near the end of the class i had the SHB give me a massage in front of him and i couldn't help but "giggle" to see that expression on his face.I thought about using him as a wing,but he's too much of a jerk to comply.Of coarse i didn't make the mistake of sinking to his level and make fun of him or anything,i definitely tried befriending him while showing pure dominance.It worked to some degree,after which he stole my fucking pen.Its cool though..he can have the pen,because i now have attraction building up with the HB's that he likes.

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    Day 2:
    I barely got any sleep that night and didn't eat breakfast.A very bad decision

    When i got to school i was wondering why am i hear and my anxiety attack kicked in hard.I somewhat successfully kept up with the girls it was just that i was low on energy and didn't feel like doing anything.A problem am running into is the jocks and amogs.The social circles am breaching are the highest ones and apparently the amogs and jocks decides to test me by getting psychical with me or do some name calling.I usually say something like "chill man,your soo crazy" or id just laughed it off and walk somewhere else.Thing is their social circles have the hottest Hb's on campus and since they barely know me getting into will be hard.They even have their own little place where they all come and hang out at school.

    Another thing is i started off the day wrong since i watched a movie and i didn't have time to put my clothes on so i just threw whatever.It was pretty bad but not to bad.I used today to test out patterns and it worked pretty well on HBHazel eyes.In fashion marketing we got a seating arrangement because of a game were playing.They teacher *ug-100* said it will only be for awhile.I don't know why but she likes to pick on me alot.Anyways i sat next to an Hb7.5 HBBlonde.She is the leader of all the girls in class,and whatever she says goes,even to the teacher.What was pretty cool is somehow through a series of my C&F and BL i built up some attraction in her.

    We played this game where you cut the string and the length of the string determines how long you will have stand up in front of the class and talk about yourslef.She told us this after we were done cutting our strings,i had a string so long it could wrap around the classroom 10times over.All the girls thought it was really funny.When it got to my turn to talk i had some crazy anxiety built up and was really nervous.When i talked my voiced cracked and it was dull for about 2mins,then it went away and i was able to return back to C&F.I said something like my favorite color is clear and i spent my entire summer reading about fashion.The girls were rolling on the floor laughing it was pretty cool.I also DHV'ed by saying that i traveled and speak multiple languages.

    A major problem today is the fact that am constantly being bombarded with guys trying to amog me,and also the fact that am unable to make my classes more lively and funnier.Also i have a kid following me around during lunch.In my lunch i have so much girls in there and they are all really popular girls in all sorts of social groups.The kid brings my value down so freaking much and i can't tell him off to go away because he has no one else to talk to plus he hates socializing and he constantly hates the idea of mingling.He frequently talks about checking out other girls and am thinking why look at them when i can go talk to them!

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    Day 3
    again poor sleeping habits and eating

    I didn't approach anyone and i was dead the whole day.I kept attraction up with the girls and mainly used nonverbal game today.I was over thinking a lot which made me fidget and i was a bit needy.Again my classes were still dead and boring.I didn't display as much alphaness as i did before.I was so tried and hungry i was wondering what am i running on since all i had to eat was corn flakes and an apple.I was a bit of a dancing monkey in fashion marketing i had my friend to boost up the monkeyness,the teacher was getting pretty pissed and some girls were getting annoyed.I thought it was pretty fun even though i was stabbing myself in the back.

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    Day 4:Today
    I slept finally ate a bigass breakfast workout hard at 4am before i left for school.

    My classes are still dead except for fashion marketing,psychics and my last period class out of the 7.Those are usually the best ones.I approached and built attraction successfully.I was massively social proofed i mean close to a freakin rock star.I think its because i always say hey to people in the hallways or talk to them a bit before going on my way.I did a bit of some hardcore kino with a couple of HB's.That HBBlonde i kinoed pretty well,the whole 52mins actually.We had to make a fashion poster out of magazines and i had 2 hb's helping out with my project,almost to the point were i would just sit there and watch them work while i rewarded them with some kino or whatever.HBBlonde was so into me today at one point she laughed at something i said and fell into my lap as i was sitting down.Lucky i wasn't hard anymore or her ear would have been fucked

    FTH was doing pretty bad saying that he's been acting too needy,all i could say was act disinterested in them and neg them a bit.He did get jealous because we walked into the cafeteria and about every 5mins you would hear something along the lines of "hey jolly!"It felt pretty cool.

    I forgot to mention a girl that i had massive oneitis with is in my psychis class.This girl loves to get guys jealous and she knows how to use it to her advantage,talk about coincidence.In the past few days i ignored her and sarged girls right in front of her,one of the girls even say "hey boo i missed you" and i tried so hard not to say "what not muthafucka!" but instead i made a heart with my hands while looking at my oneitis.

    Today she came near my table to do her lab and i was really laid back.My C&F attitude kicked in right on time and i had her validating herself to me.I acted disinterested in her only to have her open me.

    Along with onitis's ive been seeing one in the hall ways and all i do is walk towards her in a pure alpha state and just stare at her.*something i would have never done*she's been trying to get me jealous by hitting on FTH???To bad it doesn't work.i actual don't know what do with her,plus shes like an HB5 but she thinks shes an HB9.

    Ive been wondering if i can do something more than just say hey to the people in the hallways and how to ditch that anti orbiter of mine.

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    I would just like to say that I enjoyed reading your posts.

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    Well as for the kid who brings your value down. I've heard to try and play the protector role on the kid to DHV to the girls. kinda like those lame teenage movies where the cool guy all the girls go crazy about befriends a complete loser.

    Also, yeah I have the amog problems too.

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    Thanks Rzr that brightened up my day.
    Da_Answer i might try that Monday,sounds like a Good idea

    Day 5: I came close to smacking an HB
    Woke up and did the same routine yesterday.

    When i got to school,i decided id go around campus and try getting use to my outfit.It was a tight white t-shirt that had my myspace on the back,a pair of baggy black shorts with the words M+FG written on the bottom.I had on these really nice puma's with a white anklet bracelet.I also had on a black and white bracelet and a necklace with the word F on it,all except the pants and the shirt were from ebay.

    I was getting opened about what the f meant on my necklace and I would response by saying "f stands for.......fun" i would make it so it would sound like am saying fuck but instead id say fun.

    When my first period class started i was planning on spicing it up a bit by messing around with the teacher.Thankfully my first period teacher was so responsive with me that we all had a great time.

    This is a conversation between me and HB Hazeleyes
    *btw in the past couple of days i would see this girl from time to time hitting on other guys*

    Her *lifted up my shirt to see my belt and my abs*

    Her "wow thats a really cool belt,were do you get your belts at their so cool"

    Me "Hot Topic,thrift stores,wherever"

    Her "did you shop in the clearance isle,thats were i get mine"

    Me "uhhh...no"
    *I turned away from her to continue doing my work*

    *She put her feet on my chair and was shaking her legs so my chair was vibrating,thats when i turn back to face her*

    Her "omg you have an anklet bracelet*laughing*..... you pussy"

    Me *i just stared at her*

    Her "only girls were that..."

    Me "those are some wild and crazy shoes....and what a....funky ankle bracelet"

    *she put her feet on my lap and i messed around with her ankle bracelet,i also was using my fingers and arm to feel her leg,thats when i noticed their were like semi-shaved and i looked up at her*

    Her "o ya um sorry...i forgot to shave"

    *I turned away from her and began writing down some notes about escalation so i wouldn't forget*

    2mins later she opened me with

    Her "look at my shoes aren't they cool

    i was deciding on if i should say those bitches are fucking ugly or saying their cute

    Her "would you wear them"

    Me "no"

    Her "you don't like them"

    Me "no"

    Her "I think their cute"

    Me "ha.."

    Then the teacher called on her to do a problem and she it got wrong,ridiculously wrong.

    Me "good job kid" *patted her on the shoulder*

    Me *laughing* "shut up" *hit me in the arm*

    *i went back to writing down the escalation stuff,stuff about amog tactics and some stuff that she was doing*

    Her "what are you doing"

    Me "am doing my homework"

    *she was then touching my arm feeling my muscle*

    Her "don't you wrestle"

    Me "use to"

    Her "how about football"

    Me "use to"

    *i then turned and looked at her and she gave me a really big smile*

    *i started drawing hearts on my paper and they looked pretty crappy*

    Her *laughing* those hearts look so ugly

    Me i try

    we fluffed a bit

    ----------This part happened in day 1 i forgot to write it down------------
    *i looked at the teacher,shes about 26 hb 6.5*

    Me "those are some pretty interesting looking shoes"

    *looked at her shoes,smiled back*
    Her "thanks,like good interesting or bad interesting"

    Me "o you know....good interesting"

    after that i would not take my eyes off her for the rest of the period unless i was talking to someone else.She would look at me trying not to make it look obvious.

    *class is over and everyone leaves.Its just us two in the class room and i take my time packing up*

    Me "you know,i had your brother last year"
    Her *smiling* "o really how was it"

    *i got up and acted like i was walking towards the door,when i finally reached the door i turned around and looked at her and said

    Me "it was interesting" then i left
    She called on me to answer a problem but said my name was Alex.So for like 5mins she kept on saying "Alex" and am sitting there looking right at her wondering wtf is alex doing.Then she laughs and said "o jolly i meant you,and i said "you confused me with some other kid?!" after i said that she was laughing along with the rest of the class and she said am so sorry i meant you jolly,would you like to do the problem" and then i said "no what you did was totally unacceptable" i had the tone of our principle and she laughed even harder.

    This sophomore in our class is the class clown,he says some pretty lame stuff but every now and then he'll say something funny.He said something and made everyone laugh but the upper class men.The teacher laughed and looked at me and we locked eyes on each other for about 5mins.Then she said she wants us to tell the class something "interesting" about ourselves and the whole time she was looking at me while she was talking.When it got to my turn the bell had ringed and she said o well i guess you will be going on Monday.On my way out people were saying "hey Alex" and thats when hbhazel eyes hit me in the side with her hips saying see you later Alex.

    Next i had to go to fashion marketing,so i went into the bathroom and made sure i looked well groomed.I even popped a breath mint in my mouth before heading out.
    I got their early and finished up my work from yesterday that the girls were helping me with.While i was doing my work the HBBlonde was talking about all of the latest gossip thats been going around school so i decide i might as well listen to her.

    The teacher told us that we had to make a prom dress out of whatever we could find in the class room and she then put us in groups.I had 1 ug and i hb7.5 *HB BigButt* in my group.

    I went into the supply closet and was gathering up random materials when a flood of girls came into the closet.I was so happy,because i was in the middle of a crowd of girls just kinoing them as they went to get their supplies.I would say a few jokes and stuff to get them laughing while i was kinoing,and i was not holding back on the kino either.What was even more surprising was the fact that none of them bother to move,they just stood their and laughed as i kinoed them.Then hb8 and HB DiztyChick came up to get some supplies.We started play fighting over these silver balls and i was saying stuff like "no their my silver balls get your own"After that she kept on eyeing me and giving me the "am gonna get you look" since i took her balls.

    When i returned to my group with this large amount of random school supplies i quickly went to work.I was so focused on making the best dress that the girls just stood their.Then i realized one of the girls had to put on the dress,i was like fuck it,HB Bigbutt your putting it on.she said ok and i got to dress her up

    I wrapped sheets of blue paper all around her and told her to lay on the table.Then i left and came back with rubber cement glue.HB BigButt looked at me and was like "What are you gonna do with that" I laughed and said just relaxed.I then dumped half the container of glue all over her *especially her chest*.Then i came back with a bag full of stars and put it all over my hands and just started touching her wherever their was glue,which was everywhere.She got up and the UG said that it looked pretty good.Then i made her a belt with a big purple heart and strapped that on her and made a scarf.All the other girls in the class were looking as to how much fun my group was having and they were saying stuff like "wow,thats pretty cool" or "thats actually a pretty dress".Rofl this one girl said omg max *laughing* your so stupid when she saw me dump the glue on her.

    In fourth period i was getting some IOI's from my oneitis,and then i saw her do her special attack.She got up went over to one of my friends and started hitting on him.She was sitting on his lap,laughing out loud and was just acting like shes was so into him.All the while she would glance back at me with that little smirk on her face.
    Funny thing was,at the same time an HB of higher quality was sitting on my lap having fun too

    (lol,it looked like i was blind in one eye,but really the HB's chest was covering up one of eyes.Plus all she was wearing was a black polo unbuttoned,so i was smelling sweet fruits and honey while my partner was doing the lab)

    When we had to present our labs,i was asking one of the hb's *HB7,HBGhetto* a whole bunch of random BS questions.So when she sat back down she mouthed the words "fuck you jolly" and i replied "fuck you to then" to which she giggled.

    When i got to lunch that anti orbiter of mine was trying to get me to join him at a party with that same kid thats in my fashion marketing class *RP*

    RP is throwing a little party and all they plan on doing is smoking,doing drugs and getting high.Since their wasn't going to be any girls there i told him no.FTH is going also and i told him to call me if their happens to be some action their or atleast fun.

    Now this is where things gets F in the A.
    I accidentally flicked my tray onto the orbiter spilling apple juice, left over pizza and a half eaten apple all over him.I laughed so hard that i caused a scene,and boy was he embarrassed.
    He was piss and said he'd go tell UGFucknasty that i liked her.UGFucknasty is the oneitis that i see in the hallways,and this chick is so ugly i would honestly rather have sex with dolphins then lay her.
    I apologize to the orbiter but FTH gets up and says he's gonna do it,am thinking he's bs'ing me but he actually did it.

    At first i was pretty pissed considering i don't want this nasty girl thinking that i like her,but then FTH told me she said i had like her since the 5th grade and how she thinks i still like her now.FTH then said after she told him some more stuff about how much i like her he had to leave because he didn't want to laugh in front of her face.

    I blew up when i heard that,i was so mad and angry that this UG thinks that I think shes an HB 10!.FTH was trying to calm me down
    saying shes a low quality chick don't worry about,but i couldn't calm down.I don't even know why it pissed me off so much. i almost went back to smack this UG and yelling at her in front of so many kids telling her she's a fucking ugly whale.I even remember i roared when FTH said that i still liked her.

    I did have oneitis with this girl way back in august of last year *rofl i told her i loved her* but that died down quickly after i started hanging out with her,because of the way she carries herself.She thinks she's so hot.Her eating is like watching feeding time at the zoo.I seriously remember i almost threw up because i watched her eat.Not only that,but a friend told me he fingered her and her pussy smelled like throw up and rotten fish.Rofl,he had to go to church that day so whenever he was praying he smelt throw up and fish.

    I told RP that she thinks i like her and he laughed for a good 30mins after which he said go get her tiger.

    After that i went into my last period class to face off that jock monkey.This Jock monkey is seriously one of those guys you see in high school movies that treats the geeks like trash and has his own little crew following him around.

    Well apparently we got a new girl in our class.It was the HB that the orbiter has been telling me about and how she has some "big'ol tites" HBBiggy
    The HBGhetto social proofed me a little,and so did the SHB'S.
    I knew that HBBiggy was best friends with one of the SHB's.Now because she's best friends with the SHB'S if she sees that monkey flirting with the SHB's she would start to like the monkey.The monkey has some pretty good game,enough to be for it to be problem.So i had to get her first before the monkey could.
    So for the rest of the class i was picking on the teacher and was using C&F.As soon as class was over i started talking to her about her drawings that i saw her drew during class.She was very responsive and we vib'ed pretty well.I made EC with the monkey and was demonstrating that i got this HB.He understood and went to go talk to some other girl.HBGhetto was looking pretty bored so i introduced her to HBBiggy and they got off to a great start,and soon i found my self in a 2set.

    Today i decide to ride the bus to see who's on it,i spotted 2 HB's 8,6.And an old friend of mine *J*
    J is a natural.He is also able to insult anybody so bad that it can make you cry.He displays a very strong frame and is very alpha,he also doesn't let anyone cross him.and all of his insults and jokes are really really funny.
    So i decide to sit next to him and the hb's sat in front of us.
    J and I like to insult each other alot.Of coarse its all fun and games,but sometimes he'll say something so bad that ill laugh and i can't come up with anything to say.Being with him raises my value.
    The whole bus ride we were saying the craziest stuff to each other and everyone was cracking up.The HB's in front of us started doing what we were doing and i was like "wow".Then J whispered "Look at these ho's trying to be like us...bunch of fucking lames"

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    "and this chick is so ugly i would honestly rather have sex with dolphins then lay her."

    You are awesome.......oh man I spit up some water reading that. I enjoy reading your stories more then anyone else. Though in the beginning I would think to tease the girl and accuse her of trying to seduce you the way she was flirting.

    Similar thing with me. I think I need to get some inner game handled because when a UG thinks I like her, I get extremely irritated. It just kind of eats away at me. Especially when someone tells her.

  9. love your stories man
    keep em coming

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    God I miss high school... so long ago. *sigh*


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