Ex GF jerking my chain
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  1. Ex GF jerking my chain

    A girl I broke up with a few months ago has become an FB, and recently I've noticed her fucking around with me. We were together for a long time, and I feel like she's making power plays to try to pull me back in.

    It happened a few days ago, she came and hung out with my roommates. Normally not a problem, but this time she brought a guy with her. I happened to to be out at the time, I went to a club in the city, but she didn't know that, for all she knew I was hanging out at home all weekend.

    So now I've planned a day trip, and invited her. It's an open event, and some people are inviting other friends, and it came to my attention that she invited the same guy that came over the other day. This is gonna be small enough group that it might be awkward, I'm pretty sure she's fucking this guy and feel like she's just doing this to fuck with me... up to this point we've been careful enough of eachother's feelings to not fuck around right in front of eachother. This is the perfect opportunity for her to pull a love triangle thing, and she's doing it.

    So i've been weighing my options. I've been reading Robert Greene lately, and am thinking about this strategically. I can either call her now, set an alpha frame and let her know I don't appreciate getting fucked with, or play it cool and be the cocky/funny fun guy who couldn't care less, flirt with other girls, whatever (or try to get her guy friend to flirt with other girls... )

    So far she doesn't know I know. This is my first time in this situation, I'd love to hear other people's reactions or advice to this.

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    If she's your ex why bother dealing with this type of shit. I'd cancel plans with her and invite someone else.

    I suppose you still have feelings for her but hanging around her and inviting her to events isn't gonna help you.

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    Does turning a relationship into a fuck buddy ever work? I know it didn't work for me.

    If you're fuck buddies then you are supposed to fuck around. That is the entire point. Of course nobody wants it happening right in front of them but you should be cool about it. The fact is that you think you have some kind of ownership over this girl because she is your ex. Possibly your pride is at stake. But if you guys had been fuck buddies from the start and were just friends then this wouldn't bother you, or if it did then you wouldn't be in the fuck buddy situation in the first place.

    So you need to chill out, this girl isn't yours anymore. It looks like you're still gonna be her fuck buddy regardless of this other guy so what advice do you need?

  4. A love triangle?

    So the guy is secretly in love with you?

  5. if her actions are affecting your thought processes so much where you're thinking about what your best strategic move would be to really get to her, then she's more than just a FB to you. i'd say your best move is the standard one-itis move. go out and hook up with all the girls you can. don't dwell on it too much.

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    Dude I totally understand where you are coming from. I have a FB that I totally get tweaked over sometimes too. Do the standard one-itis play, go out, fuck someone else, get your mind off of her.

    If you feel ownership over this girl, you need to re-evaluate your relationship with her. Change it to make it work, either date her again, or fix your feelings for her. I know its hard. Hell, I've had nights where I couldn't sleep and where I was throwing up from the stress of a FB texting me while she was hooking up with someone else. It sucked, but I fixed my frame, you've gotta do something like that. Oh, by the way, I fixed my problem by going out and fucking some other girl, that's what I suggest you do.

  7. Good call on one-itis guys, I guess sometimes it's hard to see it. I got myself a date for tonight, and I've been flirting with this girl at work to keep my mind off her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perfect Dark View Post
    Does turning a relationship into a fuck buddy ever work?


  9. I def haven't field tested this but has anyone tried becoming an FB and then just pushing the girl away totally?

    Make her come to you, you know?

    Once that happens maybe MAYBE you can escalate back into a relationship.

    Most people say to move on but could it hurt to try?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HereWeAre View Post
    A love triangle?

    So the guy is secretly in love with you?
    Ha-ha hah...I'm sorry but that is just plain funny. God you almost had my lol'n.

    Jesus that's funny.

    As far as your problem...be a man, cut the shit line at it's head. Whatever works for you, if you're the kind of guy who truly doesn't give a fuck then be that guy, invite your own potential chickadees and use the other people as automatic comfort building tools...or just tell your ex..."Uh yeah...about that...uh..yeah we're gonna have to cancel the whole trip, apparently Joe's got lice" or some other random obviously fake bullshit she can see through...and then have a laugh with your boys and the girls you've invited.

    You catch my drift? Bitches aren't complicated...you obviously see her plan so look inside and see the solution, otherwise Uncle Zane's gonna have to find you and jollywomp some sense into the situation.

    Hope this helps,



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