Meet a girl, have sex with girl, never hear from her again?
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  1. Meet a girl, have sex with girl, never hear from her again?

    Well this is now the 2nd time I've met a girl, gone out to dinner with her, had sex with her that night, and then never heard from her again. Normally I'd have no objection to being used for sex, but I'd like to keep some of these girls as FWB. Is it because I'm going for sex during the Day 2 that I'm screwing up here? Guys with experience in this please respond.......thanks.

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    Why would you want to be used for anything?

    Do you pay at dinner or do you split the bill?

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    I'm guessing the sex wasn't that good?
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    fool's mate

    Fool's mate possibly? You had sex too soon and she felt like a slut afterwards?

    You probably should've waited until the 2nd or 3rd time you hung out with her. I could be wrong, but that's my best guess.

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    Most of the girls I hook up with we have sex on the day two, so it can't be that. I can think of a few things it could be.

    1 - She's weird.
    2 - You didn't create enough comfort.
    3 - You were bad in bed.
    4 - You did something douchey or wrong right after sex.

    I expect it's probably the last thing... whenever I hook up with a girl, we always hang out for a bit after sex and make plans to meet up again. She sleeps over if it's after midnight and if she has to go I walk her to a cab. Not doing stuff like that can make women disappear after sex.
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  6. Ok in both cases I spent the night there. Not sure if the sex was bad for them, both times they kept moaning about how I felt so good. Seemed like they had a good time. I would say that sex is probably not the issue. It's definitely a possibility that I didn't run enough comfort and they feel like sluts afterwards.

    I distinctly remember hearing, "I just met you we can't do this" or something along those lines from both girls. I ignored it and plowed through anyways though. I'm thinking I would have been better served had I just stuck to making out on the Day 2, and then gone for the kill on a future date.

    I actually really like both of these girls. I want to at least try and keep the lines open with both of them. What's a good way to reapproach them?


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