Harsh response from wig opener!
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    Harsh response from wig opener!

    I use the wig opener on myspace but sometimes i have notices girls will insult you when they respond. Today i got the best one lol, the girl responded by saying "are you f***** retarded". Now i dont care no more about her but i wanna get back at her.

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    Don't get back at her. You can still salvage this one.

    Tease her for being sensitive about her wig.

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    No offense, but that is a retarded opener... unless the girl has neon-colored hair in her myspace pic, it makes no sense at all. I mean how is a girl supposed to respond to it? "Of course it's real, omg, you negged me, wow you're so alpha, wanna bang?"

    There are better openers out there...all I'm sayin.


  4. Similar to IRL gaming, when you're online you need to get a feel of the
    target's personality, then you calibrate your opener to suit.

    Some targets will tell you to "fuck off" if you open them with that, while
    others would be playful about it, some may have even heard this before as well -- on that note,
    these routines are old. Unlike IRL where crash-and-burning is hard, online you can easily recover from it, so I would say go out there create routines of your own and test them out and stop using this stock stuff.

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    The wig opener is a played out opener.

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