Dancefloor game is possible with MM! checkout dancefloor method + comfort building

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  1. Dancefloor game is possible with MM! checkout dancefloor method + comfort building

    DANCE FLOOR METHOD + some comfort building

    EDIT: It's a lot of text but I have divided the sections into the pre-requisites, approach, attraction, comfort building and day 2. Please scroll to the section that you need to look for, but it'd be better if you can read everything.

    Very soon when I have time, I will also add a troubleshoot section, such as dealing with AMOGs on the dancefloor, irresponsive targets, difficulty in isolating. Sorry don't have time, I can't even go out tonight let alone write on the internet cause Ive got too much work. Watch this space.


    Prtext: I remember months ago I was posting about dance floor game in the beginners because I didn't believe the b.s that people were telling me how dancefloor game is impossible. (i was still very noobish back then) A few months later and after getting out of the stupid crash and burn on the dance floor, I think I've worked something out after an increased number of successes.

    Overview: Well most people stick to verbal game, although body language is still a huge aspect of the game. The dancefloor game is other way around, dancing is all about your body language, conveying your personality as well as your dancing skills, but verbal game is still very much required. If people are willing to practice their routines/natural humor, why not practice your dancing too and incorporate it with the dancefloor method.

    Note: I've also had 2 wingmen test this out with me just to make sure this works. One of them is like me very into the game and all that but he's been busy with work lately so I'm hoping he can come on and help me out with this. The other one is a smooth dancer with crazy Popping skills and is always occupied with the chicks he gets from clubs as well as rugby. He's from Fiji and damn Pacific Islanders have got the natural rhythm and awesome rugby skills.

    Whatever, these guys may have different variations of the method and I'm hoping one of them will have the time to explain theirs and add some more input to this when they have time.
    So here's what I've come up with-


    Good Dancing- Go watch youtube videos (there are tons. I changed from a guy that could only bob my head back and forth to a guy with nice footwork), go to dance classes, go find a dancing pro to learn off from. Find out what style you wanna learn first. Make sure when you dance, you STAY ON BEAT. Most importantly, PRACTICE!

    Good sense of fashion- Go google this, get some images. If you've got cash, then go buy yourself a new wardrobe. If you don't have cash, then go google for great fashion that is very inexpensive (helps if you live in China like I used to). I mean, no matter how rich you are, you still need clothes right? Why don't you simply just dress better? Find out what your style is.
    If you're a hiphop dancer, then find some nice hiphop clothes (dont try wearing all gangsta). If you're the smooth salsa dancer, then go f

    Nice haircut- Sure looks are secondary, but come on at least get a neat haircut and hairstyle. Go google some hairstyles that are suitable for your hair texture, then get some pictures out and show it to the barber. If you're loaded, then go to a nice hairstylist and ask for their input. Make sure to get a hairstyle that suits your style. To maintain a good hairstyle, find out what hairstyle to do everyday before you leave the house (google this as well).

    Cologne/Bodyspray: Get a nice bodyspray so you smell good. You're gona be dancing and probably already danced before you approached your set, so you gotta stay fresh. e.g. I use an oceanic bodyspray

    Facial hair: This is very ambigious but if you're looking to stay clean then watch out for it. If you like the goatee/bearded look then make sure it's appealing.

    Good inner game- There are tons of articles and resources on the web. You need confidence within you if you're gona try this dancing game.

    Optional things:
    Props- Unlike verbal game, props are somewhat optional because if you're a tremendously good dancer, then props are redundant. A simple prop could be a trucker hat which you can flick on and off to add some spice to your dancing.

    Wingman who's a good dancer/entertainer: This will increase your chances a lot higher because your obstacles are removed.



    Usually, chicks don't dance by themselves. You gotta approach the group at the same time. when they're dancing, they're having fun so you better demonstrate higher energy level then they already are.

    I have the luxury of wingmen so we look at them, and sorta give a laugh at them and pretend we're whispering about them. Then, I start mimicking some of their moves in a funny way. They start to notice and stare back, then laugh. That's where the wingmen comes in and keeps obstacle entertained with their skilled dance moves.

    Of course, if you don't have wingmen, now you have to show off some dance moves to keep obstacles entertained. Ignore the target to create jealousy, then you can isolate her by getting the obstacles to dance some fun routines with one another.

    Alternative approaches-

    I would spin by and give her a weird look and make her feel as if she doesn't know what she's doing. Then I pop by and say "You need some dancing lessons from me" (I wink at her and smile...then cut her off by starting to bust some crazy moves)

    Other approches are that my wingmen and I create a routine in which it's really funny, but at the same time we can bust out some of our wack footwork. Then I go over to the target and say, "I know you'd love to join but girl you gotta show me some moves" (then I give a bring it on sign)

    This approach i've been fairly successful with is that I go over and put up 10 fingers. She thinks I'm saying her dancing is a 10/10. Then i tell her, "actually, dancers are graded on the 1000 pt scale. so you're just a ten on that scale" (wink, smile)

    The last approach is I'm high energy dancing, having fun, then I try going closer to her. Then I look like I'm shocked and I back off. It gets her curiousity up. Works a lot too but some reason I haven't been using it lately.

    Remember to always and always smile even when you're approaching. I've tried to act like a cool pose when i first started off but it never really worked for me nor my wingmen when we approach, cause girls aren't impressed and they think you're just trying to show off if you're facial expressions look like they're all serious.

    [Guys, let me know if there are other approaches that are very succesful on the dancefloor u've used]



    This is where you chill dancing skills come in.

    So now you've approached and you've not got blown off (which you shouldn't if you approached with the right attitude), most guys would right away start grinding and displaying too much interest.

    Instead, you should get her to do a faceoff. If you were alone in approaching, then get her friends involved as well.

    If she's unwilling to faceooff, say she's scared or something and shake your head. Usually the girl does faceoff if you try some basic moves and she thinks you're an easy pushover.

    Once she starts busting her moves out, shake your head or give her the "okay average so-so" hand gesture.

    Now it's your turn, and get your groove on. Don't do over-exaggerated moves but just some neat moves to get the "wow" factor going. If you have no idea how to do these moves, go back to the Pre-requisite section and look for my suggestion. These moves took me only 8 days to learn from scratch to the point where its impressive.

    After that, tell her she's qualified to dance with you, but she still isn't allowed to dance touching you. Now you're playing hard to get and not like the other pushover AFCs.

    You can throw in negs all along during the attraction stage. by commenting on her looks and dancing style. Don't go overboard though. If she can't hear you, that's another thing you can bust her on! Point your her ear and then shake your head, but smile so she knows you're not offending her. Use gestures that tries to put her down, but do it in an amusing way.

    There are many other attraction things you can do on the dance floor, I'll explain them more when I have time.

    Heat is turned up:

    Very soon, she's gona have to break the rule and she'll come close to you, after you're impressing her. Now the heat's turned up, and she's all over you.

    Now try moving in for the kiss, and she might do so as well. But back off immediately.

    You DO NOT want Buyer's Remorse. Your job isn't done yet.

    Say something like "'s only our first day, don't you think we should at least get to know each other better"



    Ask her friends that you're gona have to borrow her for a while cause you both are tired. Tell them that you're not scary and wont kidnap her. Besides, if you have wingmen they should be keep them companied as well.

    Now you take your target to the bar, and don't let her have time to agree or disagree with your decision. Tell her you guys will be back soon cause you don't wanna leave them by themselves but just wanna rest for a while at the bar.

    I hope you know some comfort building routines if you guys don't know how to comfort build, and if you don't, GOOGLE!

    The point of this is to try and get to know her better and also get her comfortable with you, so she understands how you are like when you're away from the dancefloor.

    Maintain the attraction and at the same time comfort build.

    For me, I don't really need comfort routines cause I'm good with this part since the girl's already attracted, I know how to make her comfortable. You also should be able to extract her phone number by now (Go look at the 3-goal Phone game method by 60 years of challenge in his blog). Mention about an activity you're doing some other day, and she should come by.

    Also, try giving her a nickname to change the image of you being a stranger. Whatever you do, you should make her feel like she actually knows you.

    By now, you're comfort building should been quite solid. I would say something like,

    Me: "Man it feels like we've known each other after all that dancing and chatting.
    If she says "yeah it does", then head on down to "Getting a day 2". If she says "really, I dont think so", then tell her "wow stranger doesn't seem to get out a lot does she?" - It's just an indicator your comfort building sucked, so you need to do some more

    Getting a day 2-
    Mention how you'll see her again, and suggest to her apart from her mediocre dancing, that she actually does go out and grab coffee with a friend.By then, she should easily consent to a day 2 if you're comfort building was strong.

    DO NOT stay there chatting for too long, because remember after all, you're playing the DANCEFLOOR game! Tell her that it's good for you guys to "rejoin our friends" (even if you're alone, say OUR friends so you're confirming how you two are together)

    Take her back to the dancefloor, but now you're comfort dancing. What this means is that, you slow down all the hard moves, and start becoming more sensual. If you don't know how to dance sensual, go to youtube. I've found at least 3-4 vids there that teaches you how to dance sensually, and it only took me a few minutes to get the gist of sensual dancing.

    Make sure you two don't kiss too long, before it escalates into sexual foreplay.

    Continue dancing with her, and if her friends get tired or something, then go and entertain everyone.


    Day 2:

    By now, you should have called her up and gotten your day 2.

    This is beyond the dance floor + comfort building method so you gotta read how to deal with day 2s. You could take her to a dance again on day 2 but make sure you can head to her houes for seduction afterwards if you're in it for seduction

    You see, I'm not looking for seduction but my Fijian wingmenm he simply follows the Seduction stage in the venusian arts.


    THE END:

    Ok guys, that's about it. Sorry I don't have much time to elaborate on certain areas of it, and I'd like people to help me add more details to the approaches, attraction and comfort building.

    But all I can say is that, when i first started off my dancefloor journey, it was merely crash and burn. Slowly, I came up with this method with my wingmen and my successes pay dividends.

    I have posted some FRs on other forums before so I'm gona try and look for them (I don't really have time to post FRs because it would take me an hour or two, since FRs demand a lot of details. Typing this method itself took me a longass time)

    Also, if there is a similar method out there then I'm sorry but not surprised because this has been very successful for me. But I can assure you I haven't found anything like this on the net so I did develop this on my own based on my experiences.

    alright then, I gotta head off back to work (I had a much longer break) so good luck and let me know what you think of it!

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    Sounds reasonable, but learning how to dance to the point where it creates attraction is more difficult than simply being an OK dancer and avoiding the dance floor.

    It's cool you found the method and no one was saying you are wrong, but like Mystery says the dance floor is a "trap". It's there to waste your energy.

  3. I'd have to disagree. Learning to dance where it creates attraction isn't difficult if you learn. It's just as difficult perfecting your verbal routines.

    For example, I learned many pop&lock routines off youtube within an hour to the point which girls are wowed by it and wanted to learn from me. Of course I didn't say it was off youtube haha but they loved it.

    Besides, nobody is asking you to dance like a pro, cause that takes years of practice.

    All you're having to do is show some neat moves which can be learned within hours or days (much shorter than getting familiar with some routines).

    Well, Mystery also said whatever works for you works for you. He specifically mentioned that game is evolving all the time at one of his seminars, and he also said that you shouldnt completely believe everything off what he teaches because his method is naturally HIS method. we're just using his structure as a reference for our own game. In the same essence, I'm claiming that the dancefloor method is what works for many out there.

    But thanks for the input Legion5.

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    I wasn't talking about routines, I was talking about energy level and congruency.

    There's a stark difference from being the center of the dance floor to running a set.

    That takes skill. You couldn't give some really uncool guy the moves then he would be good with them. He would need that little extra "flair" and not everyone has that.

    Other than that might I suggest changing your approach to not include a neg in the opener but instead maybe just a dance move that requires two people and is obvious in it's intent to do so. Then neg her. You're the expert in this so I'd love to see what ideas you can come up with in this regard, I'm just the guy who knows a thing or two.

    That's the specific qualm I have.

    I already mentioned my general one, but I'm going to point out a second one where in middle of the dance floor game gives you too much of an escape from verbals and that's dangerous as you are going to be perusing a direction which won't be useful in the full spectrum of a day.

    Just forget about those two things and think about openers that aren't DLV or try hard which aren't negs. I think that would round out your method for people that are into this sort of thing. I sometimes am myself.

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    I get opened all the time. Just recently I went to an event called Forecastle and was opened many times just by doing my robotic popping routine. Ended up with several numbers and a day 2. Been meaning to write a field report but I'm lazy!!! lol

  6. Field test the opener I suggested Legion5 then you tell me if it works. Works for me, works for others and I suggested this to an AFC friend who lives in France, his response was "Damn bro I didn't think you knew how to get girls like that on the flo' " He's a good house dancer and has already opened more sets than he ever has with these type of approaches.

    Quote:You couldn't give some really uncool guy the moves then he would be good with them. He would need that little extra "flair" and not everyone has that.

    Actually, it takes practice. Like I said, I learned popping routines in an hour, and it works like magic. Mind you, when I was trying to learn from dancing, I was evolving from a guy that girls thought was a uncool jerk to a slick high-energy entertainer that chicks dig and think is cute. If I, the ex-super uncool guy can do it, so can any uncool guy if they just spend some time learning how to dance!

    I agree that he would that extra flair, but you would have to go down on the floor more to get that flair. I also understand that certain flair is born instinctively and naturally. For instance, you see those Brazilians that sway so naturally with samba beats even in a hiphop or house club, that stuff is natural. But other flair can be devleoped.

    Which goes on to my next point, I assume you're a true MM follower Legion5, then I would think you know that Mystery also said, "fake it until you get it". In the same way, when you're first starting out with the dancing that you learned off youtube for a few mins up to an hour and now trying to use those on the dancefloor, you're obviously not going to be that smooth. Practice practice practice. It's just like verbal game you gotta practice to be good at it right?

    I'll go back to the point you mentioned about openers. Well you see, I do sometimes do a dance routine with my wingmen. But my only problem with that is that, some guys don't really know how to dance and are just starting off with this, to get them to find wingmen to build a dance routine with them, might not really work. Of course, they may never know if there dance routine works on the girls until they try it. Alternatively, they could go to a hiphop dance class and learn a dance routine together. That is a good opener definitely by all means Legion5, but to use ONLY that type of openers and not some neg opener wouldn't be smart. After all, PUAs like Style uses neg openers ALL the time! Also, as seldomseen mentioned, sometimes the dances you do is an AI to many girls on the floor. Sometimes I go on the dancefloor just to dance cause I couldn't spot any hot chicks, then all of a sudden some HBs and UGs drop by and ask how I did that.

    Remember, dancing is all about body language and you have to be confident when you're dancing. Facial expressions are key too, because if you smile and look like you're having fun, that is NEVER a DLV and ALWAYS a DHV! If you look serious, you look like you're a try-hard and I agree, that's a DLV.

    I see the last point you made is that you are worried it's too much dancefloor and not enough verbal game. If you read my original post, I specifically said that you needed to "take a break" to get some communication going, so she knows how you're like off the dancefloor, and to prevent Buyers Remorse. Unfortunatley, I don't use any comfort building routines so I won't be able to help in that respect cause I do it naturally, but all I can say is that the mission of that is to make her comfortable with you and ensure a day 2 will almost definitely happen. But don't do it for too long cause her friends are still on the dancefloor so get back after a while.

    Thanks Legion5 for your constructive criticism. I always appreciate that and any confusions in whatever I post as well. I'm more than happy for any constructive feedback and willing to clear anything up.

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    I like Gimmick's ideas. It sounds very similar to what I do. I watched alot of YouTube videos and just kept cycling dance moves throughout songs. I actually prefer the clubs to bars when I solo because - and here's the real kicker to this game - I ACTUALLY LIKE TO DANCE. Dancing won't hurt your game if you LIKE IT. So if you can dance, it's not a problem to dance by yourself on the dance floor - you came to the club DANCE, who is going to knock on you for having fun doing what you like? In fact, then the girls won't think you're like every other guy there, who just wants to go to the club to mack on chicks. That immediately sets you apart. So I start dancing, and then the girls come up to ME (or they stare at me, to which I reply by dancing with them), and once they dance with me, it sets off a chain reaction of other girls noticing, and you really just have to open a couple of sets before the rest of the night takes off. My rule is, if you like to dance, go to clubs, if you don't, go to the bars where it's quieter and don't waste your time, you're going to look like a AFC doing it just to run game in a place WAY too loud to run traditional game.

  8. shhhhh.. all this dance game talk is gonna create some AMOGs for me =D
    Dancing n Pickup are like the same thing. To the people outside looking in, it looks like its some god given talent. In reality, with alot of dedication, they both can be learned and prefected in a relative short amount of time.
    Even just being able to dance is enough.
    Dancing WILL get you opened, its like a pecock item + DHV x10.
    N if u get opened, u sure as hell can get much more.
    Its only a trap if u dont kno wat ur doing, just like approaching a HB10 is a trap to a AFC.
    Just wanted to add another tip for those mad dancers out there:
    Dance battling wen u enter a club spikes ur DHV like mad. Even if its crowded, people will make room for u and everyone will look in to see wats going on. Afterwards, just be social with everyone around u, dance with girls if u want, and u will have that celeb vibe.

    But enough of that, the last thing we need in this world is 1000x frat boy wannabe pua's crowding the dance floor n all doing the same moves.

  9. Well said tymeless. I learned how to moonwalk in about 8 mins and learned how to do it VERY well after 20 minutes of clubbing.

    I have to agree with both lovechild and tymeless, yes dancing actually sends out approach invitations themselves and I get approached more than I actually do have to approach!

    Well tymeless, I'll put up a post soon about AMOGs but it's gona take me some time cause there are a lot of troubleshooting stuff on the dancefloor. Such as, the boyfriend, the crazy drunk girl, dance battling some dude and then realizing the guy is a professional and ur not, the stupid low-energy songs the DJ is playing, when the DJ tries to steal attention by "over"-scratching and stuff like that.

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    Hmmm...That dancefloor neg (look at 'em like they're ridiculous) is something I've been doing for a while, works like a charm.

    Legion, being a better dancer then most doesn't take much practice. Most guys are too proud to practice and just want to grind. You can be the center of attention at a lot of places with a little popping and a solid two step. It's a great way to get attention. That extra flair is pretty easy too, just watch a choreographer's video and learn one dance. The arm motions and hip movement are the difference between looking like a pro and looking average.

    Simple trick to saving face in a battle when you're feeling outmatched if to high five the guy after he does something really nice and make it look completely friendly. Mutual respect will mean you compliment each other instead of tear at each other...then again, a good freestyle dancer can crush a pro who focuses on choreographed bullshit . Low energy songs are a KILLER though.


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