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    I am from the North, but go to school in the south and this shift introduced me to the southern frat lifestyle. Mind you, I am not in a frat nor do I dress like this, but I thought it would be interesting for some of you to see this Fratdaddy Bible:

    Fratting Hard

    The sheer amount of conformism among the greeks is mind-boggling. I know for a fact there are Greeks who will ONLY buy brands listed in that guide. In my hometown [abercrombie] conformism is very prevalent too, but I find the fratty conformism especially repulsive because its guiding principle is the display of wealth; and not just any wealth, OLD wealth. I stumbled upon a topic by southernstunna on this forum and the pics he posted might as well have been taken right from my college campus. the tie with bright pants at a football game? Classic. Wearing bowties with casual wear? textbook. You'll never see them without their croakies. Whether it be sun, rain, darkness, clouds, or WILL see those croakies around their necks.

    The website is humorous, but is at the same time 100% accurate. Me personally, I hope none of you fall for this style. But if its congruent with who you are, then go for it

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    Haha cool site man

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    funny site man

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    I'm in a fraternity at Brown, so believe me, I know what preppy is, and it's not the fraternities. We have 1 fraternity that has SOME members that are preppy, but it has nothing to do with their fraternity, but their families. They live in Cape Cod, they go sailing, they dress in Wayfarers, Polo and Boat Shoes. Oh well, they live the life because it's the only one they've known, and it's authentic (whether it's snobby or not), they aren't this clash of neo-prep kids who think popping a hollister collar makes them look cool. These guys wear nantucket red pants with the whales on's their lifestyle, not to impress. And that represents maybe 10% of the population of one of the seemingly preppiest schools in the country.

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    ^ now THAT's peacocking. I wonder if anyone could pull that off in a bar. I would be rather impressed.

    Also: Hilarious site. But for some reason I always thought abercrombie was a bit frat, even if it was borderline high school.

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    In most places Abercrombie is FULL ON highschool


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