New Game/Routine for (semi) advanced PUA's
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    New Game/Routine for (semi) advanced PUA's

    I’ve been field testing a new game/routine with great results. The game’s played “Let’s Play Pickup” and you play it with one other girl. In it, you each choose someone for the other one to approach and try to pickup. You basically compete to be the better pickup artist.

    The only negative is that it’s only for above-average to advanced PUA’s; if you get totally blown out by a girl then you’re done with your original target as well. On the other hand, the potential to quickly increase your status with the girl is great.

    Here’s how the game works:

    1) You select a guy for her to approach FIRST. Not vice-versa.
    2) Pick a LOSER GUY. Thus, there’s no way this guy can out-game you and steal the girl. Although this may potentially help her “win” the game as the guy will react positively to her initial approach, it’s more important that she not be attracted to him in any way. What will usually happen is she’ll approach him and generate some attraction, but then he’ll do something AFC like buy her a drink or ask her to dance, and then she’ll turn him down and return to you.
    3) Now it’s her turn to select a girl for you to approach. She’ll probably be nice and a select a pretty but not hot girl (6 or 7) who is standing alone or with another female friend. If she does select a girl who is clearly not approachable, tell her to pick someone else. She’ll oblige.
    4) When you do approach your chosen target, run standard game and try to generate as much attraction as possible. Don’t hold back just because the original girl is watching you; do a lot of kino and escalate quickly.
    5) Don’t totally ignore original girl when you’re game the new girl. Look over at the original every few seconds.
    6) Keep the conversation going; don’t eject quickly. The original girl will most likely get jealous and join in your conversation with new girl. This is exactly what you want to happen, as you’re then being social proofed and a jealousy plotline is developing. Only eject if it looks like the original girl is getting uncomfortable being alone and is about to leave.
    7) Play another round if you think it could benefit you. If the first round already won you major points, it’s probably better to not play another round.

    Playing this game is probably the quickest way to raise your status in the girls’ mind. It’s best to play when have generated some attraction with the girl, but not enough that you’re sure you’re taking her home. In this situation the game could be the tipping point in her deciding to have sex with you.

    Do not play with the game if you’re in deep comfort with a girl and you’re positive that you’re taking you home. The game can’t really help you in this situation, it can only hurt you.

    The game works because:

    • You are initiating the challenge, and thus taking control of the frame. She’ll be impressed with your courage from the start, and if she doesn’t want to play than you can accuse her of not being adventurous enough. Either way you gain control of the frame.
    • All you really need to do is be able to engage the target in a conversation, which is easy. If you can generate attraction on top of that then the original girl will be really impressed. Most girls will have low expectations for you going into the game, because they know that guys are generally terrified of approaching and have bad game.
    • The girl you play the game with most likely be a nice and pick a relatively easy target for you (an HB6 or 7, standing alone or with another girl). I’ve field tested this routine a lot and this is true each time.

    The game is also good because it’s so easy to transition into. One way is by playing “fuck marry kill” and then daring a girl to approach one of the guys she named. Another way is by simply making observations about people or couples in the room, like guessing how long couples have been together or which couples are going home together.

    Additional observations I’ve made while field-testing this game:

    • Girls don’t have much approach anxiety. They rarely (if ever) will be not approach the guy you select for them.
    • Girls think you (and all guys) have tons of approach anxiety. They have been approached by so many pathetic guys in their life that they have little confidence the average guy will have game. And when they do select a girl for you, they half-expect you to chicken out. Thus, not only being able to build up the courage to do the approach, but also being able to generate attraction will win you points.

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    Nice one man Thanks for sharing.

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    This is absolute gold, thanks Magic Man ^_^

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    mate this is good and basic, theres nothing advanced about it at all.

    its simply a method to trigger greater pre-selection in the target. you could have instead simply have gone with the target, opened a new female set, and gamed them. that would have a similar effect.

    the only potential down fall you might have is

    1. staying in attract too long before moving to comfort. you dont want to go around playing games after you have sufficient attraction

    2. using this in comfort is potentially sarge sinking as you are not necessarily using this game to build comfort. a jealousy plotline in comfort should be integrated into the comfort stage. you've stated this and you're right


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    I'm not really sure where I'm saying that my games/routines are "Advanced". The advanced I was referring to was that you want your skill set to be above average to play the game because if you blow this game then you're done with both girls. There is nothing about the game in itself that is an advanced way build attraction.

    I agree that you dont' want to play the game too long. One round is generally sufficient. But what I do like about the game is in that short, 2 or 3 minute round you do gain a lot of attraction points. There are few other routines that you can use in a 2 minute span that gain you as many attraction points as this one. And if the girl refuses to play with you, then you can accuse her of not being adventurous. In this that scenario you've retaken control of the frame in about 10 seconds. In this sense the game is very "efficient", even though it the idea of it sounds pretty basic I'll agree.

    As for the other point, the game should not be used in comfort. A3 generally, or at any point that the seems your target has lost interest and is about to leave.
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    I love this idea. Love it. I think it will work well going out with a female friend who is a pivot too. That way you can help her meet guys. In that case you might want to pick a not total loser guy for her..

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    Very nice. I just read your section of the OAP Magic Man. Very motivational. I'm curious to see the results from someone who field tested this.
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