If a belt is a size 32, what does that mean?
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    If a belt is a size 32, what does that mean?

    I'm looking to buy this belt:


    I'm from Texas and I fucking love Texas, and I'd love to show it off. Now I'm a size 32/33/34 depending on if I'm bulking up or cutting, usually a 33. But belts have notches in them so what is the point of having a belt that comes in different sizes? A size 32 belt would be alright for a 33 waist right?


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    go for a 34 id say

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    very funky belt. I believe a size 32 would only fit UP TO size 32, so yeah it would probably be wise to get 34 coz that will deffo fit.

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    I usually go 4" longer then my jeans. So for me, that's a 38" belt for a pair of 34 jeans. I like a longer belt though.


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