yet another newbie mission journal
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    yet another newbie mission journal

    sup yall.
    i've been a keyboard jockey for many months now, but i've finally started to actually open. i'm going to keep a log here of what i do.

    i'm 18 and can't get into night game venues, so right now i'm doing practice at malls.

    my friend and fellow budding aspiring-pua Buu and i headed out yesterday with a simple mission to practice stacking one or two routines after the opener. due to some real time constraints as a result of going to a gym we'd never been to before first and getting lost, we only had 30 minutes at the mall. so, fine, we decided we would each open at least one group of girls. this was our battle plan:

    Opinion opener: friend of ours who wants to break up with a girl he'd been dating, but was getting pressure from social circle to stay together, what should he do? (true story from real life)
    Stack to best friends test, almost exactly as outlined in Magic Bullets.
    Light neg: "I like your ____, I saw a girl on the bus with the exact same one."

    We walked around the mall and realized that many girls who were at a mall on a Saturday afternoon were either in really big groups, or with their moms. That sucked. We went to the food court and found a nice 2-set, a little younger than us but they would do for practice.
    Buu ran the opener, the girls were a bit shocked at first that someone was like, actually TALKING to them. Holy crap! Modern society zmgoblwhoa! Anyway, they started smiling a lot as they answered (I think they could tell he was BS'ing, Buu tends to be very emotionless most of the time so when he tries to fake it it's VERY obvious that he is) but they responded well nevertheless. Then I "spontaneously" asked them "hey... you guys have known eachother for quite some time haven't you?", ran the "i just noticed you have... the exact same smile" and got laughter right on cue. BF test went smoothly, then Buu asked one of the girls where she got her necklace, she replied, and then I said "It looks cool. I saw a girl on the bus wearing the exact same one." Typical "yeah..." response from the girl, then we ejected.

    Next I opened a set, these two were kind of ugly/fat but we were running out of time and I didn't want to leave without approaching at least once. Same opener, MUCH more distant response, and when we asked if they had known eachother for a long time, they told us they were sisters (did not look like it, was probably BS). Then we ejected without having trying the neg.

    Anyhoo with that, I had to go to work and Buu had to go home to work on a project of his, so we parted ways. We'd been doing this for 2 or 3 weeks now but it was the first time we tried to add routines past the opener, before we'd just kind of milk the opener until it became extremely awkward. I feel like I've come a long way since being a keyboard jockey with such bad AA that I once walked around for 4 hours trying to open and not doing it, yet at the same time it feels like I'm STILL getting better at a snail's pace.

    Given that we are both pretty much totally clueless and blow at "natural conversation" and are armed with nothing more than a zealous desire to get good at this and (mostly) functioning brains, is there anything anyone can recommend to speed up the learning process? I'm already looking into bootcamps in my area and will probably take one once i turn 19.
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    Sets approached: 4
    New things tried: Mixed set, night game, made-up-on-the-spot opinion opener
    Accomplishments: Um... getting out of the house?

    A couple more today, nothing fancy.

    After work, I wandered the malls and was looking for girls. Damn, not many go to malls on a Saturday afternoon... well I opened this one single girl at a table who turned out to speak French only. Damned Ottawa, I think I'm going to have to learn some basic French to deal with that...

    Next I did my first mixed set ever (!!!) using the opener "hey guys, can I get your opinion..." on what I was pretty sure was a couple, to which I got the usual confused "uh... well... okay I guess?", and then I went into a fake story about my little sister's birthday coming up and her wanting skanky clothes and asking if I should buy it for her or not. The girl really enjoyed the story and laughed a lot, and the guy finally answered, "hm... a gift certificate?" I thanked them and left.

    Later that night I met up with my friend, let's call him Creampuff, and we went to go attempt night game at a neighboring French town where the legal age is 18. I did a warmup asking some girls if the cover charge was free at a new club (which i'd never seen before) they were We then went into another club with free cover charge and walked around for a bit. It was early so the music wasn't loud, but we were both being chicken shits and didn't open any of several good sets. We sat around being douchebags and discussing game, and me actually being aware of this and calling ourselves out on it. The music then got really loud and it was impossible to talk, so we left for a bit. I decided I would not leave until I opened at least ONE set so I made up an opener on the spot and tried it out. "Hey guys, can I get your opinion on something real quick?" I was loud and commanding this time and they were still kind of surprised but gave a quick "yeah sure". "My friend Creampuff here has been dating this girl for like a year, and he wants to break up with her... but his parents really fucking love her. What should he do?" Typical responses like "stay friends, blah blah" then I added "Well... the thing is they love her so much that they'll give him 10000$ if he marries her" and then they said "Well he should marry her, take the money, then leave" to which I tried to neg "Wow, that's really cold." The response wasn't so good and I think they could tell I was BS'ing since it was a pretty farfetched made up on the spot story, so we left afterwards.

    Once again I'm happy that I'm finally approaching and have tried some new things (night game, mixed set), but I need to really step this up in terms of how much I practice, going to start opening every single day (I've been doing it maybe twice a week for the past month, and only 2-4 brief sets a day) and trying either new lines or new situations (bus, for instance, i need to get over the fear of not being able to eject when I run out of canned material)

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    Sets approached: 2
    New things tried: Stacking BF test after opener by myself (last time i opened and buu did BF test, then he opened and i did BF tst)
    Accomplishments: Not much, besides staying out of the house and keepign up the habit.

    Got off work at 7:30PM figured I may as well at least keep up the habit before rushing home to play video games.
    Went to the mall, got to food court, saw a 4-set (3 girls and a guy, younger than me, guy was no physical threat whatseover) but I didn't approach. I walked around, came back, was about to appraoch but then they got up and left. Damn. I'm still not quick enough to just do it.
    Well then I opened a 2-set, gothy/punky girls sitting at food court with my little sister's bday opener, they responded well but didn't think of the usual "gift certificate" response but I milked it a bit before running the best friends test. This time when I opened, I paid special attention to being loud and commanding when I asked "Hey guys, can I ask your quick opinion on something?" and noticed a much more surely said "sure"; before, I was often nervous and said it quickly/softly and would get a "uh........ okay i guess?" or a "sorry, waht?" and ahve to repeat myself. So that went pretty well, I sat on top of the table next to theirs and they both faced me and to anyone looking in from the outside it probably looked like I knew them. Also another thing I noticed is goth/punky/smoker/scene/whateveryouwanttocallit girls tend to be more open, probably because their lifestyle conducts them to meet new people more often than the average person does.
    Then I ran little sister again on an employee, who turned out to be older than I thought but by the time I realized it was too late. She wasn't really focussed and she was doing something at the cash, so I just left after that.

    Missions for next time: Be more in the moment and open the FIRST girl I see that I would stick it in. Stack something after the best friends test and maybe try to wing it after that if the responses are good, and add a new routine I can use for single girls. Do more sets before leaving regardless of how tired I am.

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    Keep up the good work, bro and KEEP sarging! And there's lots more venues you can work including coffee shops, libraries, book stores, etc. If you've got time doing some VOLUNTEER work will get you hooked in with a ton of HBs. The best place with the highest concentration of hot HBs is at a hospital. Volunteer there once a week and you'll be surrounded by a sea of HBs to sarge.

    Whatever you do though, remember the 3-second rule and get OUT of the house!


  5. on openers - try to and make something environmentally related. Like if your in a club i think you said you already did that. Also how your body language - plays a big part and use dhv's.

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    thanks for the encouragement guys
    yes i will try to do more stuff during the daytime, and try to get away from canned opinion openers (or at least save them for after something situational). next time i go out at night time i'll just take the extra bus to the french side of town again where i can get into the clubs/bars, lol.
    anyway two more outings:

    (couple days ago)
    Sets: 2
    New things tried: not-serious opinion opener
    Accomplishments: nothing in particular
    Once again roaming the streets of ottawa at night. Started in the mall and did a seated 2-set with little sister opener and best friends test. This time, I paid special attention to slow the fuck down and not have a giant businessman-smile on my face as i delivered it, noticed a better response.
    I then chickened out of several sets on the streets and outside of clubs but before I left I decided I had to try one new thing...
    The second set was kind of funny, I decided to try an opener Maverick gave me: "Hey guys, I need an opinion on something... should women be allowed to drive?" on a mixed set 2 girls 1 guy. One of the girls stared at me and said very matter of factly "Yes." Then the guy said "Well, SHE shouldn't, she's crazy!" which I found surprising and hilarious =P then said i was just kidding and went into little sister opener and got typical responses.

    Sets: 2
    New things tried: unscripted conversation holy crap? , high fiving after cold approach
    Accomplishments: uh... i think i got an open door that i didn't clue into until after i left?
    I went out with Creampuff again to the streets of downtown ottawa at night. Creampuff opened the first set; two girls who were walking quite fast and looked like they were in a rush. He began jealous girlfriend almost word for word (lol) and the girls at first looked like they weren't going to stay around but he just kept talking and they got a few feet away, turned around, and came back, which I found pretty cool. A car then came behind them at and he motioned for them to come closer to us; haha. Alright so he does the opener, the girls think the "friend" in the story is me, to which I give an as-if look and say "uh no". Finished the routine and went on our way.

    Now the next set, I think I learned something in.. but I'm not sure quite what, yet...

    Two girls walking in the market and I stopped them and went into little sister skanky clothes bday opener as usual. Instead of the typical "get her a gift certificate" she said "how old is she?" me: 14, her: "hell yes! when I was 14, I was decked out like a slut" to which i said "i like your style, high five!"; she then started saying how I should go shopping with a slut and have her help me pick out clothes for my sister; I TOTALLY DID NOT CLUE into the fact that she was alluding to herself until like an hour later. Then as I finished the routine, that one girl touched the bass bag I was carrying and asked "do you like have a sword in there?" WTF, i did, and how the hell did she know!? (I was doing shaolin kung fu earlier in the night; didnt bother going home inbetween). She then asked if she could see it. I hesitated here and tried to think of something witty to say (afterwards I thought of stuff like, "I dunno... I show you something, you show me something", "I could show you... but then I'd have to kill you", "whoa lets slow this down, buy me a drink first") but on the spot didn't and just like a douche said "sure why not" and pulled it out and showed her. Her friend actually LEAVES at this point to "get some change" leaving her with the two of us for a few minutes. She then starts talking about how she stole a flower for her bike, and I said "whoa you stole a bike?" because I misheard her =P then some more fluff talk that I can't really recall and her friend comes back, she actually goes back into the little sister thing once again saying "so yeah just go with a slut to shop" and well at this point I just completely blanked out (could have gone into the best friends test at least, lol) and we parted.

    Anyway today I received my 2 Ravens (coin vanishing magic) in the mail, one for me and one for Buu. I love how canadian currency is magnetic and how that works out and we don't need gimmick coins. Furthermore, it lets us steal money from girls Next time I go out with him we are going to have a contest to see who can get the most girls to pull out a quarter for a magic trick and have it "vanished" permenantly
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    Hey man, keep up the good work!

    One thing I would say is that you maybe need to build from the opening routine to the next part of the game to start getting them hooked on you.

    For example. Open with any decent canned opener including the mandatory FTC. Then after thats finished (obv this shouldnt take long - you dont even want it to, you just want to open!), say something like 'Ok...well who wants me to read their mind??!! I can tell someone everything about themselves within 5 minutes of meeting them!' No doubt someone from the group will say yes and then you run The Cube on them. From there you can move onto DHV stories/other routines etc...and see where that takes you.

    Good luck and keep up the good work!


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    sets: 3 (collective)
    new things tried: spontaneous/unscripted no-routine set that lasted for a few minutes, (wing: set on the bus that lasted until we got off)
    things accomplished: getting better at not making excuses, getting better at being spontaneous

    ok so creampuff and i head out downtown again, once again just in malls and streets. we saw some girls about to go down on an up escalator but they chickened out. we took this as a sign and sped down the up escalator and they cheered as we went. i turned around and said "don't you wish you had that fun?" blah blah we were scared, blah blah some fluff talk about mall cops being douchebags. i ran out of stuff to say so creampuff took over most of the conversation after the first minute, he told a story about urban sprinting (from the first person), and told stories about when he was 7 and played on the escalator. he asked "where are you guys going?", which i saw as too soon and i think it telegraphed too much interest. anyway, only one of these girls was kind of cute-ish, the others were fat. but we walked with them throughout the mall and out, then it was kind of awkward to keep following them so we said bye.

    we walked around the streets but NADA. rainy tuesday night, not many people out. even inside venues there weren't really any people. we headed back to the mall to grab a bite.
    we saw a 4 set of 2 guys and 2 girls ordering at burger king, we decided we would open them after they sat down, but they disappeared on us.
    as we got up, i opened a girl sitting by herself who i was PRETTY SURE i'd seen somewhere before. nevertheless,
    "hey, we gotta run in a sec (FTC WRYYYY?) but can i ask your opinion on something"
    "one of our buddies is having his bachelor party tomorrow, he wants to get strippers, think thats a good idea?"
    yeah why not
    "well would you want YOUR fiance to have strippers at his bachelor party?" (yes this was ripped STRAIGHT from the pickup artist)
    yes, it's almost like tradition right
    "thanks, bye"
    we actually WERE on our way out :P so yeah. i should have followed up with a neg or spontaneous something but i dunno i blanked. for two sets i go into best friends test by default but i have to figure something out for girls on their own.

    alright so it was dead and getting late so we got on a bus back home. creampuff still has some issues with AA and not opening/ rationalizing why he doesn't open so he asked me to force him to open, not just encourage. so i said "let's start now" and pointed to two girls on the bus. he went in with jealous GF opener, and then freestyled it after that, using a few stock routines here and there. he actually surprised me with how well he was able to keep talking to the girls with random stories and crap after he opened, considering i or our other wing/friend usually has to push him to do the approach.

    ... yup.


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