Chick likes it rough, i mean really rough!!
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    Chick likes it rough, i mean really rough!!

    So on friday i go over to my friends house and this chick that he knows that i've never met was over there just chillin out bout an HB6.5. I kinda start talking to her along with my friends just making comments and stuff, after i was there about 10 min she said she had to go to something.

    So later on she comes to the club but can't get in cause she was 20 and we thought we could get her in we leave the club and go back to his apt and we just chill out and drink and stuff.

    So my two friends that are there say that they are going to i decide to stay up watch some tv and talk to the chick.

    So after my friends go to bed, the one that knows her obviously wants her to come to bed with him cause while me and her start talking he says something to make her go into his bedroom so i just let her go. I'm not worried about it because me and her were kind of vibing.

    She comes back after like 2 min and starts talking to me again and then my friend does it again, then he does it like 3 more times and she goes in there every time for like a min or two, and finally he stops and goes to sleep.

    Me her are just chillin talking on the couch and she basically tells me her life story (she's pretty drunk) and her theory on sex....and she won't quit talking about sex.

    So we start getting a little more close and i start with a lil playful kino. She starts talking about how she likes it rough and how she hasn't had sex in like a week and how that's too long for her...then she starts bragging about the last time she did she got handcuffed to the bed and she shows me the bruises on her arm bragging about it.

    I start playing with her hair while she's talking and she says she likes it. I start to pull her hair and really responds to it then and tells me i do and i think i'm gonna accidentally pull some of her hair out but she fucking loves it. I start to choke her not hard just slightly and she loves that even more there's was so much much sexual tension at this point i just wanted fuck her right then and there in my friends living room.

    So she starts asking me if i've ever been rough in bed before and i say not really and she says that she can tell. I really liked being rough with her, like i think that's one of my fantasies i didn't even know that i had.

    In the end i didn't end up fucking her that night for a number of reasons, she was pretty drunk (she had to go throw up while we were talking), i think my friends kind of likes her, we were in the living room, etc.

    Well here's sort of the second part of the story, the next night i text her whats up and she's like who is this and i tell her the guy from last night and she totally doesn't know who i am so i'm like wtf.

    I really want to fuck this girl so i'm wondering should i pursue her still or should i just forget about her. I really want to be rough with a girl now and i may be wrong but i don't think most girls like it that rough. What should i do?

  2. First, I'd ask the friend what is up with him and her (if he likes her). If he says no, I'd ask him to try to hook us up; for me its just do something big (party, etc)...invite her...and let me game.

  3. id first find out what the deal with her and your friend is, if they're just homies then game on. and about her not remembering you, thats kinda shady, maybe you all could hang out again and shed remember your face, just dont come across as needy.

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    Clear it with your friend first. It's a 6.5 - definitely not worth losing a friendship over.

    I fucked up on a roughrider chick like this once before by actually asking her out. I didn't even get a kiss on the date but at an investment club meeting that we were able to find some time alone at - my hand is in her pants and I'm losing my lower lip to her teeth. You have to meet them and be alone with them for some reason completely unrelated to sex. The less the meeting is about sex, the more they can't get it off their mind. Also, I honestly think she was partly getting off on the "danger" of the proximity of your activities to your friend. Your friend could be a cool as hell wing by recreating a similar situation and letting you go to town.

    As far as not remembering you - my guess is it's part of the self-effacing tendencies that subs have. Be the dom. Tell her she's going to get punished for having a poor memory.


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