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  1. Switzerland?

    Switzerland is CLEARLY the most difficult place in the world to sarge.
    Nowhere is more difficult (Iraq is probably easier).

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    Hahahaha! Perhaps! I had a beautiful girl from near Zurich for a while back. Amazing looking, I found swiss girls open, but language barrier for me, I speak english and am proficient at french! But how I got a swiss-german girl who hardly spoke enlish was beyond me! But i did it...hehe!

    So anyway il be in zurich for the street parade on the 12th! you from around that area? Im well up for some sarging! ))

  3. Nice experience, Hedonism!

    I agree with you that Swiss girls (particularly in Zurich) are among the most beautiful in the world.

    Send me a PM with your email address and we can meet up for some sarging in Zurich the next time you are here.

    All the Best,


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