The difference between that "really cool guy" women love and the normal guy
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    The difference between that "really cool guy" women love and the normal guy

    You can skip to the "important" part if u want. not here to bore u

    OK iv been trying to figure this out for awile. i got advice like "dont be needy" etc. and at one point i realized i was a dancing monkey to much. so i went the oppisite way and tried to not be funny at all, but with good friends etc and when im having fun i just cant help it and i crack funny comments all the time.

    then when i was at abercrombie and fitch and i was talking to the hired gun that says hi to everyone with my friend (i just went up to her and asked her salary cause i was curious and i wanted a job too) anyway so my friend asks "do u guys have a line u always say" and then soon as he says that some guy walking in says "Try our new shorts!" right b4 the girl said it. and me and my friend are thinking "Wtf??? how does he know" and hes like "haha i work here " and walks past us.
    anyway this was one of those guys u cud tell has like 3423 girls following him, he just had that vibe and it was mad obvious.

    anyway so later im thinking "hmm how cud i get the vibe that guy has." and i thought about it and i thought about the being funny issue and i noticed he was funny to. He didnt HAVE to interupt and be funny but he did, does that make him needy? no he just enjoys doing it.
    anyway so i thought, i enjoy being funny to, so whats the difference why is there a difference in the vibe we give. and bam i figured it out


    The difference between the "cool" guy and the normal guy is that the cool guy gives off a vibe of "im better than you" even unintentionally at times, and its because he IS better than you!
    so why is he better, and how do u get "better" than everyone else
    its because he most likely has about 100x the social experience you do. Its like hes already made people laugh, like him, go on adventures etc, his entire life and thinks nothing of it. normal people however still end up getting a kick outta shit he doesnt really care about and you can tell who is "cool" just by looking at how he reacts to situations, if its nonchalant like hes seen it all you think hes the coolest guy ever, if hes jumping around like "OMG I JUST TALKED TO PPL I FEEL AWSUME" you know hes a nerd.

    remember how some people (afcs) think being in the corner and sipping there beer alone trying to look like james dean is cool? well theres a reason behind it. Its because its a form of "not giving a shit". so they think "those popular guys didnt give a shit, so thats what i gotta do"

    but what the popular guys do is instead of totally IGNORING social interactions cause they've seen all the stuff already, they try to go HIGHER and go for the REALLY fun parts of social interactions instead of the normal stuff.
    like go to the REALLY nice clubs, and party alot but the afc cant do that so he trys to look cool by making it seem like "oh iv seen it all this normal social stuff b4, so ima sit in the corner and sip my beer alone on purpose cause i dont get a kick out of it anymore" of course this doesnt work because YOU WOULDNT BE AT A BAR if u didnt want to interact with people. if you wanted to get some drinks or w/e u whud be drinking it while doing something else u love like a sport or hobby if ur tired of social stuff. So people see right through that and know ur just a nerd in a corner with no friends or if there nice someone alone waiting for his friends.

    so ya... just gotta socially interact with people untill it becomes "old" and our vibes will change. I think partying and stuff like that is at a higher social level then just hanging with friends and gives u more "experience", so go for the higher level stuff if u wanna get the vibe faster!

    I would enjoy any input on this random theory i came up with, thanks in advance
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    i completely agree, the more social experience the better.


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