FR: My balls hurt....

So it's friday night and as almost every night I go out with my friends, yesdterday I drank a lot and did a shitty night so today I decide to stay sober, I hit the first club and do nothing... second one and I find a girl that I've been gaming for a few nights now...she isn't that hot (HB6,2) but she still fuckable and she is going to stay all summer so I decide that I would like to fuck her, the problem is that she works on the night and she's always surrounded by their mates so It's difficult to get the kiss close, although I've dirty danced and stuff but in the moment of the kiss she's like "It's not that easy" WTF?! I've gamed her like crazy done numerous routines off atraction, pebbles, negs, almost all the fucking game I know and she says that it's not that easy?... Anyway her body was saying yes and her words said no, so she must fall someday soon...

Get to the hip-hop territory, DHV dance, dirty dance with a cute russian girl but she won't kiss either... FUCK again.... Later I return and find a group of AFC's surrounding something I go trough the chode barrier and spot 2 cute blondes (HB8 and HB6) Im going to try to put the dialoge that I did.
Me(to HB8, fuck group theory): Where are you from?
HB8: Looks at me, and look away as I didnt exist.
Me HEY!, where are you from (body language leaning out, and asking in a courious way)
HB8: Stares for 3 secs...and says something, I can't hear what she's saying since we're in the middle of the dancefloor and Im leaning out, so I go with
Me: What?
HB8: [Leans IN, Won the BL battle] You are to young for me.
Me: [Im thinking shit test, let's reframe it] Yeah, actually I think that you are to old for me [smile]
HB8: [Looks surprised] and goes like yeah to old so get away
[She's trying to get into her frame and blow me off like all the others AFC around, but she forgot that Im alpha, so before she can end her blow out line I go with:
Me: Hey! ANYWAY!, where are you from?
HB8: [Takes bait and hooks me] What do you think? [she smiles]
[Good at this point Im in the conversation, so now we can say that I've go trough A1, succesfully, A2 starts right here]
Me: hmmm....lets see.....[look her up and down] Morroco!, Japan? I hell I dont know!....
HB8: [Giggles] Germany
Me.: Oh!!!!!!!!! GERMANY!!!!, [I said that very exited like there was something special about it]
Me: Tell me...why every german girl dances so bad?
HB: [Looks kinda offended] WhAT? do I dance BAD?. Hey if you're saying that I dont know how to dance you can go, If I dance bad why are you talking to me?
Me: Wait wait wait, I said: In GENERAL, girls from germany dance bad, and I was wondering if you where the type of girl that danced good or you dance bad as usual, lets find out [start dancing]

Ok that was the dialogue, I wanted to post it word by word because Im proud of myslef, how I plew though shit tests ala mystery, then as we were dancing I sarted more conversation, mini isolate her to talk more, we exchanged information with some C&F and teasing, later I said that I havent even find out if she was a good dancer or not so went back to the floor and MAKE OUT, yeah baby! anotehr one. There was no way to any kind of other close logistics were pour. What she said when I tried to number close her at the end was kind of reframing for me:
HB8: Hey it was a FUN time, see you.

It's like make out with guys in clubs is a very FUN time for chicks, they do it all the time. There isnt a big deal, it's a club thing they go out to do that. And enjoy it.

Well that was pretty much my night, yeah it was great but I MUST fucking start my free mass approach, shit I only opened 1 girl ALL THE NIGHT and got a make out! (since the other HB6,2 opened me) I wonder what would happened If I used the 3s rule... numbers could be crazy...

PS: Oh I havent masturbated since Yesterday in the morning '48 hs... and that is way to LONG time for me , so my balls are full now and after I made out with the german they hurted so fucking much for 30 minutes.