Recovering from rejections
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    Recovering from rejections

    I've approached more sets in a weekend than I've ever done before which I'm pleased about. 2 of which I was outright rejected, which I didn't mind about, but I'm wondering if it's worth pursuing set after they reject you or if it's best to accept that you fucked up somewhere and leave the set.

    The first one that happened I approached a 3 set with the "Is it cheating if a girlfriend kisses a girl" opener plus I used a time constraint. A non-target girl answered but the target grabbed my elbow to turn me around and push me away. (Not sure exactly why but anyway).

    The second one I kinda knew where I fucked up. I approached a 2 set from behind (Yeah bad), to ask them who was the singer of a song on at that moment (I genuinly wanted to know), but they looked at each other and then turned their backs to me. I thought I'd try to pursue it by continuing talking but they completely ignored me.

    So is it worth persisting even after they've rejected you? Or would It be wasted effort?
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  2. Keep doing what you're doing.

    Keep approaching and getting better at it. It would be easier to thoroughly explain avoiding fraud in offshore bank debentures than to delineate the subtleties of the well executed approach. Truly the only way to get better is to practice.

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    If you get blown out, ditch that set and hit up some other sets.

    Try to get straight back into it. Congrats for getting out there and approaching - just keep doing it, things will get better!

    Good luck
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    If I get rejected hard, I neg hard. I can't stand losing face. If some girl would have pushed me away, I would say something like "You're a little bitch, didn't your mother teach you any manners?" (credit: Mystery).
    If that doesn't spark something, or she escalates with yelling or whatever, I respond with "You know what, I glad I'm walking away....."

    Side note: IMO that opener (the kissing gf one) reeks of insecurity. The second one wasn't that great either.

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    Beany, it sounds to me like in that first set you had a perfect opportunity to neg the target and continue trying to win over the obstacles. I think the line that LRG suggested may have been a good one if you continued to ignore her after that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LRG View Post
    Side note: IMO that opener (the kissing gf one) reeks of insecurity.
    Haha, the Kissing GF one is actually one of Style's.

    Thanks fo the input tho, and everyone else.


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