NLP/Hypnosis Group in Toronto/GTA Region
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  1. NLP/Hypnosis Group in Toronto/GTA Region

    Im curious whether anyone is interested in forming a group to practise/ learn more of NLP/Hypnosis. While it might not be DIRECTLY related to sarging, it can be INDIRECTLY which can help inner game and be used in field.

    If anyone interested, you could email me/msn -

  2. Interested in Learning NLP

    Very interested in learning NLP as a tool to improve my human interactions.
    I will be leaving for vacation in a month and should be back by mid september.
    Let me know what ideas you had about starting this group learning process.

  3. #3

    Is this group started/is anyone interested in starting it up?

  4. Has this group started? I would like to be involved.

  5. I would definitely also like to be involved.. Is anybody who is really good at NLP/hypnosis applied to seduction willing to spearhead this?


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