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    I don't know how many of you guys have "FUSE", but on that channel there is a new show called "Keys To The VIP", where sucky no-game guys come on the show and have to accomplish three missions (like walking up to a girl and starting a conversations by telling her you dont like her shoes, etc) and whoever wins 2 out of the 3 missions wins the contest.

    There a four "PUA"s who are on the show and critique the guys trying to game, but they really DON'T do much as far as offering PUA advice or anything, they basically just CRITIQUE, but don't say HOW to do it. Anyways, as I saw this show, I freaked out, mostly because if "PUA" goes real mainstream, then every chick in the damn world is going to know this PUA stuff and its going to really mess game up to some extent. Everything will be questioned... you wouldn't even be able to say "HI" without a girl responding with, "Are you pulling that MM shit on me?" or something.... Loll... anyyyyyyyways, the show is really entertaining, but I wish they'd get more game-savvy guys to do it

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    there is a thread in culture and life that covers this in 200 some posts
    do a search


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