the worst cock block ever!!! U HAVE TO READ THIS
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    the worst cock block ever!!! U HAVE TO READ THIS

    Aright guys ive got a story that is sooo bullshit you honestly wont believe it.

    I was at a wedding yesterday, i decided i was gunna pull out the stocks because if wedding crashers has taught us anything, its that weddings are amazing places for picking up girls i decide to peacock a little with my suit....bright orange dress shirt, black with dark blue pinstriped pants and jacket, and my conversation peice, my fraternity tie laced in gold and dark blue with the letters as the pin guard. And all the jewlery. So i figure the game was on. So im upstairs and i start talking with this girl at my table, a girl that a buddy of mine brought as his date...nothing serious was between them so i thought aright maybe its time to take a step up and see if i can win a girl that came with another guy. And it was working, i had managed to get this girl so flirty at the table that even my buddy was like wow. So then i go outside and i throw down the usual neg, i told her her pink nail polish on her toes and her nails didnt do her any justice, i told her red wooulda been much sexier.....she was a tall brunnette dark hazel eyes, B breasts long legs, probably an 8 to a 9 hb. she was soooo insulted, she took it very personally for such a small neg, and then she started calling me jack - o lantern cuz of my shirt....i laughed it off and went upstairs where i built sooo much raport with her. i was demonstrating value like no tomorrow, to the point where she was validating herself to me after every sentence. i would say i know how to speak arabic, its an interesting language blah blah blah, then i would say something to her in arabic ( i know maybe 6 phrases that my roomates taught me). then it was almost a done deal, i was going for the close but she put up the LMR. so i got a phone number and we headed to a friends place after to hang out for the afterparty. and this is where it gets so fucking bad that u wouldnt believe it. my one friend is some what knowledged of this PUA stuff. And he had over heard everything that me and this girl were talking about at the house, he decided he was gunna try to trump me..because he said my game was weak...u know how he did it? HE EXPOSED THE GAME!!! he literally jumped into a conversation and said why did u neg her...the book doesnt tell u to use that stuff up here it doesnt work in toronto, in fact u shouldnt be using books and learned knowledged to do this stuff u should be urself....and he did this right in front of her...she was like books...what are u talking about...then i got so pissed because i didnt even care about the girl anymore...i was insulted by the fact that this guy was such a fucking hypocrit and out rightedly cock blocked me with his knowledge of what he thinks is game (really hes maybe read the game and thats it!!!) but either way he destroyed everything....the girl was so upalled that she wouldnt even talk to me after...started saying ohh that shit and lines dont buddy agrees and then brings others into the conversation...essentially he exposes my biggest insecurity and lets the entire fucking planet know that im using stuff ive learned to get this girl...biggest and most rediculous cock block ever!!! HOW and i mean HOW do u deflect something like this...when someone who knows a little about this stuff...comes in and blocks by exposing it to do u deflect guys because honestly...i cant wait to get this jerk off i call a friend back for this one.....HELP!!!!!!!!

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    Dude, dont hang out with this guy anymore. Period! And please get him back...

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    SmoothO Guest

    first off how good of a friend is this guy? Tell us more about him adn your relationship with him. Is he an alpha male type guy. Was he watching you before? I thought you were alone with her? This was not the same guy that she came with was it? And how did you respond to her and him when exposed. I would have siad straight up. "OH hey man you heard about that book? I wanted to read it actually I heard they are making a movie about it. I can't believe you would accuse of me of using something on a girl when I was just being myself. ANd then I'd say to the girl. Listen we had a meaningful conversation I'm going to go over there and if you want to come talk to me thats fine or you can stay with (insert name) and have a fun conversation bad mouthing me even though you know deep down it isn't the truth. Then after I'd proceed to handle the guy and be like listen man i'm never hangin with you again your a doushe bag etc.

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    Ricky369 Guest

    Cool, no one has exposed me to the game yet, but my ex girlfriend knows because i told her. She thinks its realy sexy and like alpha that i am willing to humiliate my self to become my real self because everyone wants to feel good. Im actualy involving her in it this summer

    I was listening to an audio of brad p, and he pretty much told the girl he was an instructior (as he is) and she was like its so sexy

    May be its how you feel about it your self

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    wow man i really feel for you here. and i dont know how anyone could have handled that smoothly. i dont think i could bring myself to talk to that dick for a while

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    That's an asshole if I've ever heard of one. I'm not sure how I'd respond either.

  7. okay work on social circle more . Seriously, I wouldn't hang out with those guys. They are horrible friends who don't care about you. They will be hella jealous once you build up a good social circle of friends who actually care about you.

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    damn what ur friend did was cold, why would he do that in the first place?i honestly havent told anyone bout this forum and or the books im reading and after reading this piece i have decided not to even mention it to my closes buddy.....just keep it to yaself really but sorry to hear u got cockblocked so

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    I don't think weddings are any more or less amazing but they're pretty good places to meet girls who are dressed up that normally wouldn't be.

    I had to read back, and then I saw this... "i start talking with this girl at my table, a girl that a buddy of mine brought as his date.... thought aright maybe its time to take a step up and see if i can win a girl that came with another guy." Was this the same "buddy" that "exposed your game"?

    It's something that's unclear to me..whether this is the same guy whose girl you picked up on, or this was another guy that was at the afterparty. Possible that the friend at the wedding was pissed at you and told his friend that you needed to be taken down? There's a few holes that need to be filled in.

    You said "nothing serious was between them", which may be true, but it's not like he wasn't interested in her unless he was forced to take her by his parents. He didn't say anything to you, but you don't think he was pissed at putting moves on his date?

    I don't know who was who in this case, or what happened to the guy whose date you were taking from under his nose, and who this group of guys at the after party are.

    You prob. had the potential to #-close and k-close 10 other girls that night. They may not have been as hot as her but you prob. would've gone off with someone. It's open game on everyone unattached,and a few unhappy married ones looking for a good time. This also includes servers, wedding band, assistants, photographer, videographer, etc. I've played the matchmaker, too. If I knew a guy going through a separation, I'd try to get him hooked up and somehow I'd wind up with a phone number and a meetup out of it.

    Your target wasn't married, engaged, or even dating him, but you were cockblocking him on what was his date! You took it as a challenge, you thought you had it, and in the end you didn't.

    The line about how it doesn't work in Toronto is funny. I think there are a few people (past and present) who would disagree with that.

    However, this does bring up a good point. Assume that you go to a wedding, and it's not a buddy but a totally obnoxious AMOG that you wind up sitting with, that also knows the community a little bit, and maybe even a routine or two, and this one does bring up the book while you're trying to work on your target and he steps in and does what your buddy did to you.

    Now, if this guy that had "exposed" you had no knowledge that the girl was with another guy earlier that evening, and as far as he knew that this was someone you went to the wedding to, that's another story. He either had super weak game and went for a cheap shot, or was part of taking you down for putting the moves on someone else's date.

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    Shit thats a tough situation.. it would make my blood boil but i'd just sit back play it cool and pretend I dont know wtf he's on about.. "whats a neg" " whats 'the game' " .. play dumb to it, not act defensive and divert the convo like look at him strange then give your girls the same stupid weird look as if he's an idiot then say "ok anyway... blah blah"


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