I'm a confused afc - help me
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    I'm a confused afc - help me

    I went to a popular local bar with my mates (around 10 of us, 7 guys and 3 girls spread over 3 tables). My mate scottie was chatting up a hb8 but he lost interest in the chase after her fiancé showed up. The fiancé went to the bar to get some drinks. She came and sat to the right of me and introduced herself as “Hi, I’m A Ho”. Then she quickly added her first name started with an A. She did it in a playful manner and we started talking after. She was laughing at my lame jokes, constantly touching and rubbing my leg and she kept leaning her head against my shoulder every time she laughed.

    I was a total AFC and didn’t know how to deal with it. Her fiancé came back from the bar and she continued to do this in front of him which made me feel uncomfortable. He was staring me down the entire time and I didn’t know what to do. He didn’t seem to happy about what was going on and I didn’t want to do anything because they are engaged.

    We went to a nightclub shortly after all this. Most of the group went onto the dance floor and she motioned for me to come up on the elevated section with her. I was dancing with her on the elevated section and soon after (not even a minute) her fiancé appears out of nowhere and just watches us. The way the nightclub is designed is that the elevated section is on par with the entrance section and he was just staring at us from a few feet away at eye level.

    I did have the flu and I was tired so I called it a night shortly after all this took place. If anyone could drop some light onto this I would really appreciate it.

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    My take is that the girl and her fiance had an argument, where he was probably in the wrong, and she was daring him to say something to her or you.

    Rule of mine: don't get pulled into chick drama if you can help it or sense it going on. Most guys don't even realize it's going on because she's being...oh, so cute and charming. It just seems like she is either just a very friendly person or was doing this to spite her fiance.

    She may not want to be the one to get married. Can't really say, just speculate.

    I don't think you were AFC as much as deer in the headlights, not knowing what to do. An AFC would've either tried to make moves on her and take the chance or start a fight with the guy. You didn't come across like he intimidated you, he didn't try to start a fight, pretty successful night even if you didn't get the girl.

  3. Just tell the girl to get off you if you dont want 2 make a move

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    thanks sdnightfly


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