Stripper Jealousy Routine

Jealousy Routine

I've been using this routine for several months now and it has paid off in spades.

I originally started using it to "Seed the Timebridge" (seeding is a concept I came up with by accident because I noticed when I put a future TB location in an earlier DHV stories my TB attempts went through much easier and, in fact, I could often get them to ask me when I was going again so this also became a "Structured Chase Opportunity" for her...)

"Have you ever smoked a hookah? I go to x-hookah place and it's real chill. They have all these pillows and you just relax and talk to friends and smoke a bit. I was talking to my friends and my girl didn't have to perform that night (this is bait for them to ask what she does so I can say, 'Exotic Dancer') and she was there. She started playing with my phone. We had been together almost all day so we took a lot of pics with the camera phone so I just assumed she was looking at them. Later that night I tried to call one of my friends to meet us somewhere. I was looking through my phone and noticed I couldn't find her number. Then, it dawned on me...there were NO MORE female numbers in my phone. She had DELETED all of them!"

This goes right along with something else I've been doing. I've been telling HBs how a few of my ex's have been extremely jealous and clingy and then asking them if they are...they ALWAYS say no! but it seems to make them chase hard.

I love it.

So, try it out and let me know how it goes...

~ Captain Jack ~